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Its fixin to strom here so I think I'm going to turn lifetime on put a load in to wash and do nothing :)
Dinner is stew in the crock.
I have a shop but it cant wait till tommorow!!
Have a nice day!!!

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have to work today of course. i think it is supposed to rain here later today and tomorrow........After work:

sort coupons
If it doesn't rain, work in flower bed
Supper / Dishes
Dust living room

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My elbow started really aching lastnight (the one that got broken, had pins etc.) and I told dh that I thought it was going to rain because of that. Guess what?? It's RAINING :D
Not that i'm happy about it, i would have loved to take ayla for a walk or go to the park today.

On the list to do today:

Drop off things at goodwill
Stop by albertsons again to see if their sale items are in stock yet
(Get raincheck for cokes if they aren't)
Vacuum/Pickup living room/table/desk area*DONE*
Dishes/Mop kitchen
Put away groceries/organize and clean out fridge
Bathe Ayla/Braid her Hair
Body Sculpt workout
mail letter
Write an RSVP to my grandparents for the Reunion
do load of laundry
Dance/spin in circles with ayla
Read to her
Color with her
Go over abc's/numbers/objects with her
Cook Ham for dinner (forgot to do it yesterday as we had tator tots instead)

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Thrifty Totally Thursday....

Thrifty Totally Thursday....
We are all still battling our Colds here. :ache: :ache: :ache:
I have already washed dishes.. (Done)
I now have to put them away. (Done)
I also need to wash clothes. (I am almost done)
I need to wash Dh's work uniform.
I need to give DD her bath.
I need to dust.
I need to sweep.
I need to change kitty litter.
I need to clean laundry room.
I need to take out garbage.
I need to mop.
I need to vacuum.
I need to declutter.
I need to make up the beds. (Done)
I need to put down dinner for tonight. (Taco's)
I need to do daily devotionals(Read the Bible and Pray).
I need to Study.
If I get some extra free time I will read some from TCTG.
Play with DD. (Done)
Read to DD. (Done)
Walk the Dogs. (Done)
Exercise. (Done)
Call and check on my neighbor. (Done)
Put away the clean clothes.(Almost Done)
Check the mail. (Done)
Write out Grocery List.
Write out Budget.
Write out What is due and when.
Have a Great Day Everyone. :)

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Carla, I got tired just reading your post........ Straighten house, get some coupons sorted. Laundry, dinner, thaw a turkey for this weekend...... (haven't had a turkey since Christmas and I am craving turkey something aweful !!!!!!) Find yard sales in the paper for tomorrow .........

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Hey Lori, I'm thawing a turkey for tomorrow! LOL! :crackup:

Today is "Take your child to work day" in NJ. So DD1 stayed home, since this is my work, and all of her schoolmates were not going to be in school.

We worked in the basement for about 45 minutes. I'm trying to get stuff together to have a yard sale. After the sale, right to the thrift shop. It's not coming back!!!

Did some wash, then I went to Shoprite for some stuff to get us through the next 2 weeks. That car ins. really took a bite out of my budget. I need to start a Freedom account. I think that would really help me.

Tonight I am working, so I gotta go put the groceries away. Tomorrow I'll work off of my list again ;)

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I got a meeting this afternoon here & got a few things done.
dusted livingroom
cleaned bathroom
washed & put dishes away
took trash out
studied for tonights meeting
got clothes folded & put away
make bed
move the cats blanket off the couch
waiting to here from my sister that our lil sister made it back to Cali safe & sound.
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