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Good morning! Another scorcher here, but again, I'm not complaining! :sun: At least I don't have to work tonight-the dr. took the evening off! Yippee! :band:

balance checkbook-again!
give Courtney a bath
finish up laundry-yes! the end is near!
get DD's to do chores
return DVD's to library
clean church
take bag of clothes to donation bin
buy mustard-we are clean out-lol
plan meals for the day and also for tomorrow
declutter silverware drawer
change Ashlee's sheets

Have a great day! :cool:

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I have to work tonight :bang: So this morning I have
start dishwasher
fold some laundry
wipe down kitchen

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Hi, haven't posted for awhile so I thought I would today.

Hot today here in Pa too, but it's so much better than all the rain we have had.

So far I have put another coat of paint on my front & back doors
Taken laundry down from yesterday and hung another load out
Put garbage out
Fold wash and put away
Scooped litterbox
Watered plants & flowers
Paid bills

Need to empty dishwasher and put dirty dishes in it
vaccuum rugs
put some more wash away
Go to post office & bank

Have to work tonight:(

Have a great day everyone and enjoy the nice weather:D

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Good morning. 3 H's here today.
Today I've watered all the plants outside, made dh's lunch & gathered garbage for the garbage elves to take away. Not really magic as they send me a bill every month.:toothy:

Didn't sleep too well so I'm already tired. Have to figure out whats for dinner & make out my list of what I need to buy tomorrow for the party on Saturday.

Run through a sprinkler if you get a chance today.:)

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You ladies have been busy already !!!!!!
I have to go to work today, but I stayed up last night and got dusting, cleaning, and so on done... I just have to make the beds, I have most of dinner ready to go when I get home, I bought a half price roast last night, I cooked and cubed it and I packaged up 7 dinners out of it.... I cubed it so I could make those "Banquit Bakes" from scratch.......

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Good morning!!
I'm off to my cleaning job, then going to meet Krystal for lunch at Chick Filet free of course LOL
Then I have a pool store shop, which works for me cause I need PH- for our pool.
Dinner is sloppy joes and fries real easy and almost free!!
Hope everyone stays cool and enjoys this beautiful summer day!!

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Sloppy Joes and fried potatoes here we must be on the same wave length. LOL I have to do laundry and dishes and clean and declutter the entryway today. I have a custom order to finish also so I had better get on the ball!

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Another hot day here, it makes me sweat way toooo much. My shirts get all wet and sticky, so much you can SEE it :eek: My car doesn't have a/c so doing errands during the day is torture, but for some reason I like to get it done in the day before the after work crowds..

So far I have:
Took cans in to recycle for $ back/bought carrots
Washed dirty spots under sink/cleaned out bins
Did two loads dishes/put away one load
Put sofa cover in the tub to bleach it
Grilled some chicken and made myself a salad for lunch
Started making another shopping list

I plan on doing next:
Finish cleaning up kitchen till it sparkles
Put away clean clothes
Finish up dishes
Put away coupons
Go to target/take back stroller/buy envelopes for photo's
Go to Ralphs get cokes/coupon stuff and spinach
Vacuum *DONE*
Find room for all the coke's *DONE*
Clean the George Foreman
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