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I'm up super early so I thought I'd go ahead and start this thread.

I haven't done anything yet so I today I need to:
Shower and wash my hair
Feed the dogs
Fold one load of laundry
Study for school (I have a test coming up)
Make an appointment with an advisor to go over graduation requirements
Read for fun

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i'm up showered and dressed. just waiting on sil to bring over dn.
i'll get the kids up in about an hour
get them up, dressed, fed and off to school
i have a doc appt at 10
then gotta feed me lunch-probably a sandwich
and try to get some stuff done around the house with baby not screaming her head off
got laundry to do
need to vacuum at some point
dishes to wash
dd has a softball game tonight, i'll crochet during that.

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Well it is a busy day here

1. Got to go to work
2. Drop DD off at friends house so they can walk to school.
3. Go do a merchandising job after work
4. Laundry
5. Do a mystery shop
6. Make Dr appt
7. Sit down and craft

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Good Morning!

~ go to work
~fold yesterdays dry laundry
~run some bread to a friend and pick up a turkey
~return a purse that broke(good lesson~ this was a b-day gift and cost the giver over $100. Higher price doesn't equal better! The strap broke after 3 weeks!!!!!!!!!!)

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Today my plans include

Vacuuming the downstairs
Wipe up the bathrm
cook a meal
brush out my dog ruby
empty the dehumidifier in the basement
go visit my mom
plan next weeks menus and look at sale ads and coupons
dust the downstairs

You all have a great day!!

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Morning all. Well its supposed to rain all day here. I am not going anywhere.
I have already:
made bed
fed cats
cleaned cat boxes
emptied dishwasher
straightened living room
cleaned 1/2 bath
Once the boys leave for school I will hop into the shower. Then I will do the other baths and maybe dust. Have a good day

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Good morning :)
So far I have:
~made lunches
~gotten 3 kids off to school
~made the bed
~cleaned up the kitchen
~gotten myself ready for the day

Still need to:
~eat breakfast
~work on my computer program
~go to my economics class
~go to Price Chopper for loss leaders & to use my raincheck
~fill up the van's gas tank
~take youngest ds to the dr...again :ugh:
~print out all the stuff for my lab
~go to my programming class
~give the boys a bath
~finish my meteorology stuff

I need a nap already :thud:

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Morning all!

So far today I've:

Got dressed
Let the dogs go outside
Hung out some laundry to dry
Fed the dogs
Switched the dishwasher

I still need too:

Take a shower
Check on a dog I'm pet sitting for
Finish vacuuming the familyroom (got side-tracked yesterday)
work on some of my school books
fold the dry laundry
make some bread dough

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Morning everyone!

I am feeling a bit under the weather today but that wont stop me from doing the things that need to be done, lol

~ Make Bed
~ Brush Teeth
~ Get DD up for school
~ Let Doggies out
~ Drive DD to school
~ Straighten up the computer room
~ Clean bathroom sink/countertop
~ Put clean dishes from dishwasher away
~ Straighten up bedroom
~ Go through dresser drawers and see what I want to keep or sell at my yard sale
~ Reply to emails / Posts on FV :)
~ Pick up DD from school
~ Cook dinner
~ Watch a movie with DD
~ Relax

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At work already. Got the kids organized and out the door this morning. Today is their short day at school so they will be home around noon. When I get off work we are heading over to the library (another DR book I requested finally made its way to me - wooohooo). Dinner is spaghetti night so it is a snap to get together. I have to finish up the laundry I started yesterday. Not a payday Friday this week so no bills to write out tonight.

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It is going to be a beautiful day here, perfect spring day. Today I am going to get my house cleaned, I have been doing a hit and miss on it for the last few weeks and today I have get the entire thing done right. I also have to try to make it to the top of Mt Laundry, if I let it go any longer I am going to have to hire sherpa guides to find the top of it and build a base camp half way up. :D

I also plan to do some yardwork this evening and help plant some squash plants in the garden.

Have a great day everyone.

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Morning all! Rainy and dreary out today, not supposed to hit 60, but as long as I can keep the heat off I'm thrilled!I have made the bed and done the morning routine, stll plan to:
*Dust, sweep and mop dining room, take down winter drapes, wash, put up the summer ones.
* Clean out the pantry and put down fresh shelf paper.
* Make some cookies and take to our neighbor up the street. He came by yesterday and I didn't have alot of time to visit.( he is near 80- visits can last several hours!)
* Supper, dishes, sort and pay a few bills.

Have a great day!

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Hello all you early risers:grnwave:
Today I have to:
~ write out bills:weeping:
~ go to the post office for stamps to mail the bills
~ Go to Michael's and get "inspired" to make a front door wreath:rose:
~ Work on a teddy bear I am making for my sisters ggrd's 2nd b-day:tedblue:
~ do more laundry
~ Scrub the kitchen floor
~ straighten up the pantry

So far I have:

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Today I:
Made the bed
Cleaned up the kitchen
Fed the kitties
Cleaned the kitty litter

I still need to:
Turn in a job application
Pick up a couple things at the store
Make dinner/Clean up
Dust/Vacuum bedroom and livingroom

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Nice day out, atleast from what I can tell from my window...

DF went to work early and let me sleep in a bit... DD woke up sounding like a frog, so she stayed home from school today.

I think it's allergies, we left the window open last night. She spent the day in the livingroom and she seemed to improve a lot, no frog, no green nose slime. As soon as I said she can roll her scooter outside on the porch... they're baaaaack...

I am waiting for the pediatricians office to call back with an appt. time.

DF called from work, he wants to take us to the Rain Forest Cafe tonight for dinner... NO COOKING!

So, basically, I played it lazy, watching videos with DD, I don't have to cook...

Closest thing I will have to a vacation all year :lol:

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I have dinner partly cooking in the crockpot
been catching up on emails
doing a ton of surveys
cleaned up kitchen
have dishes done
made peanut butter cookies
had company
searching for a frilly dress for Malycia {every little girl needs at least one} :D
have a load of laundry going
did my daily reading
had breakfast
took meds
cleaned up the living room
trying to find this site, STUPID computer keeps wanting to tell me it "can't be found" :mad: now that I found it I hoe I don't lose it again.

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Went to work, came home for lunch. :smooch: left early today to go apply at some places for a part-time job. Went to the gym, had a good workout. Came home, making a pot of chili in the crockpot. Cleaned up a few things, then getting my "FV fix" for half an hour. Going to get up and fold some laundry, put a few things away, etc.

Oh, and I got a job offer. :p

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Good Morning!

I'm going to try to keep my list simple for today [if possible!]

- Have a "no spend" day

- Make phone call for Jason [my son]

- Start prayer journal

- Make pudding pops

- Answer 1 e-mail

- E-mail pics to Dave

- Post on my blog

Have a good day, friends! :)


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