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What's everyone doing? How's the weather?

For me so far it's been:

~made bed
~had lunch with Gripey
~straightened up the linen closet
~made a cake and iced it for Dad
~have roast/taters/onions/carrots in the crock for his dinner
~had my nails done
~now I'm surfing the village

Not much else for me today.

What's everyone else up to?

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Been a warm, but rainy looking day.I have:
*Cleaned my bedroom, washed the windows in that room
*Did litter boxes
*Cleaned back stairway
*Made no bake cookies for g-kids
*Worked in the garden

Still have plans to eat, then attend a school program for the grandkids. Plus need to go pick up some dog food, have a coupon for a free 5 lb. bag, but it expires today.( I think I can use it, it says May 3 expiration, so I am assuming I have the rest of the evening. Would hate to get there and find out I can't.)

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Weather is horrible. We just got finished have a storm and pouring rain. We even lost power for a while at work.

As for plans for the day here are mine:

I was up at 8:30 and did 3 loads of laundry and packed a suitcase for me and Paige as we are going to my moms as soon as I leave work. Then tomorrow morning we are driving to Raleigh, NC to my aunts house and we are going to spend the weekend there and see my brother as well. My mom didn't tell my brother or aunt that Paige and I were coming with her just in case my schedule didn't work out.

I dread driving in the rain tonight but I am looking forward to two day's away from

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Today was a beautiful (cool out) sunny day.
I made the bed
Fed/watered the kitties
Cleaned the kitty litter
Watered the house plants
Ran a load of dishes in the dishwasher
Planted seeds in the planters on the balcony
Swept the balcony really well (part of my spring cleaning)
Went for a short walk by the lake

I still need to:
Make dinner/dessert
Clean the bathroom
Begin cleaning the kitchen (part of my spring cleaning)
Finish some job applications
*I will read later and watch a little tv while I organize more of my monthly budget

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Well-about time for me to go to bed

What I did today:

-took Bear on his two walks (totol 3 hours)
-two loads of dishes
-got Mother's day cards and gifts mailed out
-cleaned up a little downstair
-two loads of laundry-but still need to fold and put away

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Wow, it's Thursday already?! Where has the week gone?

My husband has the next 3 days off from work -- those are my hardest days to NOT spend money.

Today's weather is not too shabby. I've kept the windows open all day and the babies haven't gotten cold. So that's a good sign.

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It's a great day. This morning I got a furniture delivery. I have wanted a captain's bed for probably 35 years, and yesterday I found one that is Perfect! It has a double row of drawers, and doesn't look like a kid's bed.

And tonight I get to work the shift alone! That doesn't happen often anymore and I love it when it does. I can't do the most odious of my duties (hooray!!)because I can't leave the desk, and I can do everything else at my own pace.

How come every day can't be like today?

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It is another nice day here. We got up to 90 degrees again and there is a nice breeze.

~Today I met up with my step-mom to get DD's birthday present from her.
~Went to my mom's office and deposited her paycheck for her.
~Went and picked up our tickets for Disney on ice. We are going tonight as a surprise for DD. She will be 14 tomorrow.
~Made some meatballs in the crockpot for sub sandwiches for dinner.
~Got brave and allowed DS to do his own ironing. He surprised me and did a great job. One less chore I will have to do in the future. Yay!!!

We are all getting ready and will be leaving in a few minutes for DD's surprise. I cannot wait. She an DS have been talking about wanting to go for weeks.

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popped out of bed
let the dogs out
got everyone else out of bed
got sam pottied & dressed for the day
changed & fed Zachary
made the bed & swept the bedroom floor while the older kids helped the younger ones get breakfast
let the dogs in
made sure everyone did their chores
started laundry(had 3 loads)..had to use the dryer b/c of 30% chance of rain:(
supervised the remaining apes that were still in school,worked on next year's school logs at the same time
prepared lunch & fed the kids
drove ds#1 & dd#1 to work
made sure evryone's afternoon chores were done
shoveled rabbit poop
gave the dogs a bath
searched for freebies
fed Zachary his dinner...only to have him explode in his diaper in the middle of his dinner, so I had to give him a bath
prepared dinner for the rest of the family & fed them
sitting here now resting my stomach
will walk the dogs later
plan to watch a movie later w/the family
hopefully work on a scrap afghan for my favorite charity

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After work today I just tidied up a bit for the weekend.

* swept and vaccumed
* emptied trash & recycling
* cleaned bathroom VERY thoroughly - all except for washing the floor
* cleared clutter from the desk
* washed and hung 3 loads of laundry
* packed lunch (and snacks) for work tomorrow
* chatted with a long lost friend on MSN which I seem to almost never sign on anymore
* touched up toes (nail polish) and redid the hands with a new colour
* talked to the bf for a bit while hes stuck at work overnight

and lastly .... I got to surf the village! :D
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