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Good Morning All!

Up this am at 6 with DH (boy I'd like him to sleep in one morning!) But being ex-military that will never happen. Fair warning to all you young military wives they never lose that habibit.
Bed made, dressed,
Furbags fed
Dishwasher unloaded and reloaded
Washer going (swear that dirty landry reproduces at night)
Sent DH off to hang the wallcovering at a new Applebees in Riverview
Got DD up and fed
Cleared mail box
Put together 2 boxes to go to post office when I take DD to school

Gonna come home and hit the yard today
Leaves on plumeria trees (the trees produce the flowers for leis) have started to drop and yard looks a sight. We have about 100 trees in the ground plus a nursery with another 1000. So I've got leaves everywhere. But it'll be cleaned up in short order if I just get to it.
Dh is due home at 2 today so we can go pick up wall unit for grandmas room at the ACLF. Going to go a head and deliver it tonight as director says no problem. Don't want to unload and load it twice. Will call brother-in-law and see if he'll give us a hand.
Then home for supper of pork chops

Laurie in BRadenton

What about everyone eles???

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Hiya everyone,

Today I was up at 7am
Got DD up for school
Got DD ready for school
Drove DD to school
Made bed

Things to do:
Go to CourtHouse at 11am
Get a screw taken from the tire and fixed
Pack up for my weekend trip to a friends tomorrow
Straighten up around the house
Let doggies out
Get dinner ready
Clean up from dinner
Watch a movie with DD
Go to bed

That's all folks :)

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Morning All!

*Dropped DH off at the train station at 7 a.m. He has meetings for the next 2 days in downtown Chicago and didn't want to fight the traffic driving.
*Pick up RX from Walgreens
*couple loads of laundry
*Therapy session this afternoon
*Pick DH up from the train at 6 p.m.

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Home with dd, she is still sick.
Go for LAST chemo treatment, at 9:30.
Making fish for supper, don't know what we are having with it.
Do laundry

Not much else to do today!

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:wave2: Good morning!

I was up at 7 with Gripey, have had breakfast which included strawberries and blueberries (slurp, my fave). Gripey's gone off to work and now I've got a few things to do:

~put the cranberry pork chops in the slow cooker for dinner
~have some chicken breasts to cook before they go bad, gonna cook them in the other crockpot (and I have beans cooking since dinner last nite in another crockpot)
~run through pick and put up
~sweep the floors
~put away clean laundry
~have lunch w/Gripey
~go to 'town' (the next town over which is 7 times bigger than this one, we do most of our shopping there), pick my rings from jeweler's since I had to have them resized
~go by dry cleaners to get a couple of dresses that I had cleaned (which I never do but these were special instances)
~go by bank
~drive to another town for chiro. appt.
~buy groceries
~pick up a few Walmart items
~come home, eat supper that cooked while I was away
~watch some great t.v. this evening
~fall into bed :sleep:

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Didnt sleep well last night so no energy
Washed kids sheets
Empty dishwasher
coffee coffee
Go to bank,mortgage is up for renewal
Pick up package
pick up kids at school
dinner homework
bed bed bed
:weeping: :weeping: :weeping:

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Today is a short day for me. The boys have parent teacher conferences so they get out at 10:20am, leaving me barely enough time to get dressed & run the dishwasher.
Then I have one P/T conference at 10:45 (what the heck I'm going to do for 25minutes I don't know...why go all the way back home, ya know?) and another P/T conference at 11am.
After the conferences I have to run up to the commissary for dog & cat food, maybe try to get another of the 39c/lb turkeys, if they have anymore. Then we are going to stop by dh's work for a minute. I'm going to treat the boys to McD's for lunch. Not frugal, but a nice treat for them.

I still have to:
-finish the laundry, washing, drying, folding, putting away
-clean up the living room
-wash the extra pans that don't fit in the dishwasher
-clean off the cluttered "counter" we have in the kitchen
-knit some more on ds's hat
-boil the chicken carcass from last night & set it aside for chicken soup on Saturday

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Heather are you still working at the restaraunt?Just wondering if you are, if it is still going good for you?

Today's tasks:
Make beds
Organize bills and pay bills, payday today
Wash Dining Room Hutch and clean out
If enough energy, maybe I will begin to clean the fridge out ( I hate cleaning the fridge)

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I wasn't feeling well yesterday and didn't do much. So, today is catch up day. :)<p>
<p>So far today I have:
-Gotten everyone up, made lunches and pushed them out the door.
-Swept and mopped the kitchen/dining room.
-Cleaned up the kitchen, washed/put away dishes.
-Washed, dried and put away 4 loads of laundry. The last is drying now.
-Vaccummed the living room and bedrooms.<p>
<p>Later I need to:
-Clean out the sunroom, or as we call it the junk room.
-Clean up/declutter DS2's bedroom, need to do that while he's at school.
-Run to WalMart for this weekends camping supplies.
-Make dinner and clean up from that.
-Parent/Teacher conference at 6:15.
-Rest and watch Ugly Betty. :) <p>
<p>I hope everyone has a great day!<p>

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So far today:

*Got up at 8:30am, fed Owen, played with him, put him down for a nap
*Took a shower/got dressed

On the list today:

*Laundry - I've been trying to do one load a day, but I haven't done any in three days - so it does multiply!
*Spend some time on - I found a $5 GC last night, and I usually do some Christmas shopping there. I want to start looking around and putting some things in my "cart"
*My exercise for the day - I need to run three bags out to the dumpster, drop some mail in the mailbox, and run to the clubhouse to put money on the laundry card (all while carrying a cute but growing baby!)
*Get to the grocery store - we need milk, and they have some of the baking ingredients I need for the holidays on sale, plus the Chef Boyardee is on sale this week and I have three more coupons that will make them free (sale ends today)

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So far today: stripped bed right after crawling out
gathered up the rest of laundry
gathered up the line clothes in spare room
came downstairs and started a load a washing
threw lined ones in for a quick tumble
started the dishwasher
put dishes from drainer away
currently sitting here drinking my coffee

Still need to: workout
clean both bathrooms
clean kitchen
dust and straighten living room
dust and straighten upstairs bedrooms
make the bed
Go to work 11-3 or 4
Home to make dinner and unload dishwasher
throw in another load of laundry and toss one on line

wow that's more then I figured, I better get moving.

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I woke up at 5 and went and worked out.
came home got ready for work
spent some time with the baby

I am working.

I will cook, do laundry, homework tonight.

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Good morning, at least I think it's still morning.......yup for 2 more minutes! LOL
It is so nice here today. It's mild & sunny!!
I had to bring Ryan to therapy for 8 am, oh & I'm up at 6 am every day, even weekends because my daughter usually has to be to work for 7 and it's a 20 minute drive. I can't wait until she gets her license and a car!!!! LOL
Here's what my day looks like today, not that I'm accomplishing much. I just have no motivation today!! LOL (items done are x'd off)
Morning routine:
X Get dressed
X Wake kids
X Sort & wash a load of laundry
X Prepare breakfast & lunches
X Make coffee/tea
X Check email
X Lunch/dinner prep
X Wash dishes
X Clean table & counters
X Reboot laundry
X Make bed
X Tidy bedroom
X Tidy livingroom
X Feed kitties & change water
X Take allergy med & vitamins
X Shower
X Wipe sinks & toilets
X Spray shower
X Makeup, hair, jewelry
X Make to do list
x Reboot laundry
x Clear a hotspot
x Take trash out
x Balance checkbook
Do daily chores

To do's:
Empty trashcans
Make grocery list
Sweep & mop floors
Wash cat dishes/change their placemat
Water plants
X Sweep kids ceilings/baseboards
X Disinfect kids knobs/switches
X Clean kids light fixtures
Clean kids windows

Lunch routine:
Fix & eat lunch
Dinner prep
Plan tomorrow's meals
Clean up kitchen
Get coffeemaker ready for morning
Fold & put laundry away
Sort mail
Set table for dinner
Make Jason's sandwich
Clear a hotspot

Evening routine:
Light candles
Make dinner & eat
Load dishwasher
Wash dishes
Shine sink
Put clean dishes away
Clean counters, table & appliances
Change towel & dishcloth
Thaw meat for tomorrow
Set out meds
Put out coffee cup
Check calendar/to do's/menu

Before bed routine:
Put any dishes/glasses in dishwasher
Shine sink
Clean off dining table
Make sure kitchen is clean
Put shoes away
Lay out clothes for tomorrow
Brush teeth
Wash face & moisturize
Reset routines

My meals today are:
Breakfast: chocolate chip pumpkin waffles & choice of pears or pineapples
Lunch: I'm making Ryan some tomato soup w/cornbread and I'm having pizza rolls (LOL)
Dinner: swedish meatballs over noodles with corn and fruit

I hope everyone has a great day!!

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Wow Yall have me beet lol. I got up at 4.30 am with hubby got him off to work. then went back to bed . Set the clock for 7 am but I did not hear it and ,kids did not get to school:down: . Then we all slept to 11am :hubba: but now I have nothing done lol and o feel lazy:rest: LOL .

Still have to do
Make dinner
pick up the house
wash some lanundry :laundry: which i never get done with
Keep kids doing some thing :fence: they get board so easy
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