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Good Afternoon all!!!

My Day has started out rather late! Woke up at 10:50 AM Oklahoma time ~ unfortunately still on Las Vegas time~ We were there for 5 days for our 6th Anniversary & got back home at 1:30 am (OK time) Monday morning PLUS I'm trying to go off caffeine AGAIN~ Thankfully it's summer & the teen gets himself up for football training camp (5 am). So praying I get back to my normal schedule by the end of this week! Probably doesn't help that I'm naturally a night owl anyway :p :sigh:

Anyways, for this happy Tuesday I've already gotten MOST of our clothes washed since coming back. As I now use 1/2 & 1/2 of Dawn dishwashing liquid & water to use on my stains rather than the costly stain removers like Shout, I've also realized that some clothes that are stained more than just here & there do GREAT in a solution of water & dawn ~ just presoaked & then w/barely ringing some of the dawn-water out & just throwing it into the washer w/the rest of the items, it does FANTASTIC to get out all the stains!!! & then when the dawn-water is super grungy, I just toss out the water onto the lawn (better than tossing it down the sink, especially since in OK we are under a burn ban state wide... Makes me feel as if my lawn & such are getting SOME water)!!! & I've been saving my water that hasn't turned hot yet & any leftover water in cups or bottles in a bucket/container & throwing it on the lawn... used to do this w/our plants but we didn't plant this yr so my lawn is getting the benefit :cheergrl::cheergrl:

Today my plans are to get back on track accounting books as well as to clean up our room... & bag up some stuff for goodwill this week ~ maybe not necessarily today. Also go to the chiropractor & get all dishes done (a friend of ours stayed w/our son while we were on our trip & most were cleaned up but not all), clean out the fridge, go to the store & get some milk lol ... mostly just trying to get my bearings back... :thud: However, 1 of the awesome things that occurred while in Vegas is that I lost 5 lbs while walking all over w/my DH & drinking so much water & not eating as much I've noticed that I don't want to eat a bunch of junk food. or even eat a whole lot. LOL Excited about that! :applause::):dance:

Happy Tuesday all!!! Hope you have a great day!

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