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Has to be tightwad "week" I just paid the car insurance :yikes: OUCH! NJ car insurance system stinks, but that's another issue :soapbox:

I'm trying to get in some kind of routine without all the Flylady emails, they drive DH nuts. I'm trying to write down what to do on each day, leaving Monday open because I work.

I also started a master to do list. I need DH to move the refrigerator so I can clean under it. There is a dog toy under there, and our dog died 2 years ago :eek:

Pay car insurance online *DONE
give Courtney a bath *DONE
laundry *STARTED
make breakfast *DONE
make bed *DONE
work on cookbook
take some ebay pictures
clip out coupons from 2 weeks ago
bring turkey up from freezer to thaw for later in the week *DONE
ship ebay stuff (This includes frugalmel and mrscornbread FV auctions:D )
Clean up desk *DONE
general pickup around house
play with DD :D

Have a wonderful day!

Breakfast: pancakes
Lunch: pizza
Dinner: spaghetti and meatballs

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Okay, I've got big plans for the day. I'm on spring break this week, so I plan on being busy, but relaxing. The relaxing comes in from 9-10 when I'll watch Regis and Kelly. (I love that show but NEVER get to see it.) Then, it's out to the garage to organize for the coming weekends garage sale! It's time to clean it out, ladies! It's been a long time in coming. Then, I'll do the chores:

finish all laundry
empty and refill dishwasher
to ShopRite for cereal (great sale on dd's cereal)
general straightening up
to class

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WELL I HAVE TO WORK 8-5, naturally!!!! :lol:

work in flower beds (have to weed more and dig out more spots)
play with pup
Supper and Dishes
Sort coupons

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I have ds's room to spring clean and declutter, change beds, and look through freezer and see what all I have out there .......
DD is home from scholl cuz of tonsillectomy, ds is at school........
Have a great day !!!!!!!

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Today is running day
Have to take back a gift that was broken
A light fixture that was cracked when we opened it
A Pressure washer that is so weak it wont move an ant hill
Going to get a free lunch with gift certs
Got 3 easy phone shops
Dinner is ham and potaote casserole!!
Have a good one!!

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Totally Wiped out Tightwad Tuesday....

Totally Wiped out Tightwad Tuesday....
Made Beds(Done)
Made Lunch(Done)
Put Dinner down for Wednesday Night to thaw out.
Dinner tonight will be Spaghetti.
Washing Clothes.
Drying Clothes.
Fold Clothes.
Change Kitty Litter.
Take out some garbage(Done)
Put away the clean clothes.
Give DD her bath.
Take a shower.
Make sure dd lays down to take her nap or to rest.
Call DH to remind to not forget to go by the Grocery Store.
Walk the Dogs.
Try to go out for a Walk later on in the Afternoon.
Draw out a plan for our backyard area.
Do Daily Devotionals( Read the Bible and Pray).
Go and check on Mail.
I think that is everything for today.
Have a Great day everyone.

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Already I have taken oldest ds for a dr. appt, gone grocery shopping, and put out stuff for charity to pick up. Now, I need to finish cleaning the upstairs(didn't finish yesterday) and figure out supper. I have some leftovers and an idea for a mexican type soup.:D

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We're expecting rain here again today so the boys and I tried to get everything done outside that we needed to early this morning. We got more strawberry plants put int he strawberry bed, cleaned up outside and went for a mile walk.
other things done:
devotions and prayer individually and with the boys
did 2 loads of laundry
called some of my clients for the program I volunteer for
looked up some recipes on the internet
picked up living room
got the boys going on school
got the mail
replied to emails that couldn't wait

Still need to do:
make dinner ahead of time
sort and deliver food commodities to my shut in and senior clients
do spanish with the boys
clean the dining room
do more laundry (it never ends)
get some reading done
bake some blueberry muffins

have a blessed day!!!!

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I am HOPING I have everything cleared up with AOL:toothy: & there will be no more problems. If it isn't the computer it's aol lol.
My bby sis is on the train moving back to Cali to be with our other sister & family, wish she had a stopover up here so we can have a visit, it's been almost 6 years since I seen her:(.
I studied for tonights meeting
called AOL again
washing bedding
checking my boards
hoping mailman gets the mail route corrected
resting until I leave tonight

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Well, it is raining here but we really needed it. I have been sick the past few days and am feeling better today. I took two boxes to mail to DH. Sure hope he gets them soon! DD is playing outside now. Have a great day!

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I finally found an envelope the right size for the thank you card and ayla's artwork! I am SO glad that I won't have to go out and buy one :)

I did a workout this morning while ayla ate. Then we danced together for a while, I did a pinecone survey, showered, took out a couple diapers to trash. Called carl to get the inlaws address. Just waiting for him to call back so I can mail this.

I wanted to take ayla for a walk today but it's FREEZING. Instead I might just take her to a couple grocery stores and then play in the park for a while? Or...well we'll see what happens.

OH! I also need to drop off some stuff at the goodwill, but I only have like one bag, so I'm going to check around for toys I can get rid off.

Vacuuming and one load of dishes is done, along with ayla's clean clothes put away.

Still need to:
Finish dishes/Shine my sink
Mop kitchen floor
Wash 1 load of laundry
Put away our clean clothes
Grocery shop
Check ralphs ad online at 9pm
Make our bed
Clean Ayla's room
Clean my desk off
Make grocery list for next week
Make little pizza's for dinner or ?
Take trash bins out to the curb
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