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Sent Dh off to Orlando at 5:30 this morning. He wants to try and finish the Carrbba's today. Still waiting on others to finish their jobs. <sigh>

So far this am
Put down trash can
Fed fur bags
Ran a load of landry
Ran a load of dishes
Cleared emails
Got dressed
Made bed

Still to do today
Wake DD and prepare her for more testing today
Post some items from last clean out on freecycle
Go to Post Office and mail off boxes of goodies
Eye exam at 1:30
Make dinner pork ribs and german pototo salad

Weather looks to be nice again today up to almost 80.

Laurie in Bradenton

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Morning all. Getting ready to run some errands; I have already:
fed cats
cleaned cat boxes
made bed
emptied dishwasher
washed down half bath
straightened living room
I still need to do the other baths and sweep and of course the never ending laundry. Have a good day

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Good morning fellow Villagers :)
I woke up with a sore throat this morning, so I'm not sure how much of my "to do" will get "done" lol. The kids are all off to school, I need to get ready myself. I have class in an hour :eek:

Today I need to:
~finish up the laundry
~pick up the clutter in the living room
~run the dishwasher
~put dinner in the crockpot
~go to my morning class
~work on my accounting homework
~pick up the kids
~trick the cat into taking his meds (allergy)
~go to my evening class
~get the boys their baths
~start the reading for my meteorology class :puck:

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I'm up early here. Can't do much but I'm going to work here in my bedroom and declutter.

I'm going to read my Bible and really just take it easy.

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Since we are all still getting over our colds we are just going to stay close to home today. I did not get the garden planted yesterday, so that is number one on our priority. We are going to skip Choir today - so we are going nowhere.

~ started only load of laundry for day (I hope)
~ Cleaned Kitchen
~ Wrote out 2 bills to mail (everything else is paid online)
~ Balanced checking account

To dos:

~ Plant garden
~ Clean Bathrooms
~ Sort toys/reorganize in Family Room
~ Take rug outside to air
~ Lessons - Reading Day (lots of snuggling)
~ Cook Dinner
~ Make a dessert of some type?

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Good Morning Everyone!
Already today I have:
~Gotten everyone up, fed and either out the door to work or school.
~Finished the laundry.
~Made the beds.
~Swept the kitchen.
~Picked up the rec. room.
~Did the dishes.
~Dusted the living room and bedrooms.
~Baked a birthday cake.
Later I need to:
~Wipe down the bathrooms.
~Make a trip to BJ's.
~Take the trash can to the road for pickup tomorrow.
~Make dinner.
~Clean up.
~Relax with DH and our wonderful kiddos. :)
I hope everyone has a great day! Have fun.

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Wow everyone, seems most of us have alot planned for today ...

~ Woke up brushes teeth
~ Got DD up for school
~ Let doggies out
~ Drove DD to school
~ Put dishes in dishwasher
~ Cleaned upstairs bathroom
~ Checked emails

To Do:
~ Straighten up bedroom / make bed
~ Pick up DD from school
~ Reheat Dinner / Eat Dinner
~ Watch a movie with DD
~ Relax

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Stayed home from work, don't feel the greatest. DD is off to school. I'll just lay around, play on computer, read... DH is working in Tampa for the week, so there isn't any extra laundry to do. I didn't sleep well (with him not home), so I'll probably take a nap in a little bit. It's cloudy and humid here, so kind of dreary. Hope everyone has a great day!

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~I'm sick today too. I woke up last night to take ds to the potty then couldn't fall back asleep because my head was so congested and my throat was so sore. Finally remembered I had some kids Orajel sore throat strips that I got FAR. Tasted like a cough drop but works great for hours! Still had less than 5 hours of sleep. So I'm not aiming to do anything today. Just rest if that's possible!~

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Morning all....

I am puttering around the house today...
The dishwasher repair guy is coming between 8-5-so I am here for the day.
So far:
Laundry(2 loads)
Dishes done
Floors swept
Email answered

Still to do:
Finish application for the town planning board-(applying for my home business license)
I bought a new vacuum yesterday-everyone raves about the Dyson. I hope it lives up to its reputation. So I think I'll give it a whirl today.
Clean one of the bathrooms and figure out what to have for dinner.

Hope everyone is well and have a great day!!!

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It's 11:00 am and I'm on a roll this morning:

Did 2 loads of laundry
Dried 2 loads and folded
Made my bed
dusted furniture
washed the dishes
mailed out the bills
made banana bread
cooked sausage
made chocolate chips cookies

I have a few more things to do and I'm done..

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Dh and I had a nice relaxing morning. He took me out to breakfast. But once back home I cleaned the windows inside. I have some ironing to do today and catching up on emails from my sis.
Make Dinner
Gather Trash for tomorrow
Clean littler box
Sit with Dh and son to watch a movie
Go over English homework with son (English is not his subject in college, so I go over his papers and make corrections and help him understand why it needed to be corrected)

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Hello gang,it's been busy here as well.

* Made bed, straightened bedroom
*Taken care of the pets
*Trying to fix a flat on my bike(Can't wait to put away the treadmill and get out to ride)
*Making up a grocery list and menus
* kitchen cleanup

Have a super afternoon. Get well all you sick ones!

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I am behind, I still need to:
Feed the cats
Clean the cat litter
Load dishes in the dishwasher
Get ready to go to my mom's house
Leave here by 4:30pm

Well, I can't believe DS is taking a 3 hour nap today - figures since I wanted to go to the bank and grocery shopping today, and he usually naps for an hour - we'll see if he can wake up in time for me to get out before DH gets home.

So far:
*Dinner in the crockpot
*Got through some email
*Did two loads of laundry
*Started calling daycare places

Most of what I've been working on is the daycare. I need to have a talk with DH and MIL as to what days my MIL will watch him, and what days he'll need daycare. But I've started working down my list and almost none of them have any openings. I've found one on the list so far and scheduled an interview with them, and I still have 7 or 8 more to go.

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*:call: a friend
*did my daily reading
*checked email accounts
*did my daily surveys
*took my meds :yucky:
*had 3 :coffee:
*took :chicken: out for dinner
*studied for tonights meeting

**still need to...

*post more on ebay
*check out some websites
*make some purchases
*get bills ready for next month

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Hi All

We got up to 50 today. Well I went to work from 7-3:30. Got home and DH and put chili in the crockpot. Very nice. Tonight I will
1. Water indoor plants.
2. Wash a load of clothes and hang up
3. Craft a little
4. Pick up living room
5. Look at personal emails
6. Plan out bills since it is payday tomorrow.
7. Get mail ready for tomorrow.
8. Watch TV. Idol and so do you think you are smarter than a 5th grader is on.

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We had a good sunny 90 degree day here today in Texas!! It was my ds' bday, he turned 5!!

We took it easy and took a holiday from school to celebrate. We did one load of laundry and wiped down bathrooms. Then went to McD's for lunch and then to the park to play. The kiddos cam ehome and used sidewalk paint while I crocheted and the baby slept. Then I ran to the grocery store while ds was at karate and then picked him up and went to the new house. DH and I worked in the kitchen a bit. We are now going to eat homemade pizza per ds's request for his bday dinner then gonna eat ice cream and enjoy each other.

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~ worked all day
~ breakfast, lunch and dinner all homemade
~ ran some errands throughout the day
~ :smooch: bought us some fresh vegetables for dinner
~ I bought a bottle of wine -- $9.93
~ joined the gym
~ relaxing evening
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