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Timing of payments?

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I am just curious of what others do if in a similar situation to me. I am paid twice monthly and my snowball is made up of equal parts each payday of $250, for a total of $500.

Do you opt to make your additional payments on whatever bill you are currently putting the extra on as soon as the money is available? Or do you wait until you have it gathered for the month and do it all at once?

I am opting to pay as soon as it is available as it does me more good being paid to them, and not just sitting in my account for a few extra weeks.
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I can see where it would be necessary to wait, especially with multiple people involved.

My budget and household is only me and the 2 cats, plus I do have a bit of a cushion in my checking account that I ignore.

It is just nice to hear what others are doing too. :)
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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