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When it comes to understanding babies and knowing what they like to eat, mums and dads know best!

We've set up the tinytums Parents Panel to give you the chance to make your views count... and get a sneak preview before everyone else! We'd love to get your advice on new Foodie ideas, which recipes we launch, what they're called and even what the packaging looks like!

So do you want to be one of our experts and have an influence on the future of baby food? It's free to join, so simply fill in the form below and we'll get in touch!

The Little Feeding Guide is a free and practical handbook to help you with your baby. It contains advice and information from Heinz and Tinytums on both bottle and breastfeeding, and on what to do if you encounter problems.

Important Notice: Breast-feeding is best for babies and a healthy, balanced diet is important when breast-feeding. A decision not to breast-feed can be difficult to reverse. Also the introduction of partial bottle-feeding will reduce the supply of breast milk. An infant formula should be used on the advice of a doctor or heath professional and the cost of infant formula should be considered when deciding how to feed your baby. If an infant formula is used, all the preparation and feeding instructions should be followed carefully, as this is important for your baby's health.

Little Feeding Guide
Tick here to receive your free little feeding guide which includes information on Farley’s Infant Formula

Tinytums Magazine
Tick here to receive your free Tinytums magazines and information on feeding your baby or toddler
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