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What's everyone up to today and how's your weather?

It was 21 when I got up this morning, we still have about 4 inches of snow on the ground and ice under that on the roads. (bbrrhhh) But I'm not complaining. Just don't want the weather or conditions to interfere with my ds and ddil's arrival on Friday evening :D.

I'm gonna be busy today.
~straighten up house
~clean a couple of bedrooms
~vac playroom
~do laundry
~make fudge for gifts
~wrap a few gifts
~make a list of still to get for tomorrow (just a couple of gift cards is all I have left to go)
~deliver some gifts today

What about your house? Busy? :lol:

Hope everyone has a great day. :wave:

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Not much going on here today

Write some bills and mail them out...done
Do dishes...done
Do points on the pc...done
Take shower, eat lunch and go to work
Need to look for a box at work for a christmas present.

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Today it is coooold here. Not sure of the temperature, but colder than it's been in a long while. There is snow on the ground that should stick around for Christmas. :)

I'm already at work this morning, but today I need to:

* work until 4pm at my "real job" (eBay Inc.)
At work I need to:
1. submit the banners and special events images
2. create a troubleshooting document for the applet
3. write a best practices handbook for Live Auctions sellers
* return a gift that I bought
* work from 5pm - 9:30pm at my "for fun job" (Game Stop)
* gather all of the bills together so that I can pay them at work tomorrow
* decide what our Christmas Eve dinner/snacks is going to be so that I can pick up any missing ingredients tomorrow

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We are warming up's about 35 right now and drippy. We luckily escaped the freezing rain in are area. This weather has been so strange this year, I just want to see some sunshine and warm my bones. I usually like winter, but as I get older...the more I long for spring.
I need to get started on the deep clean and declutter. I need to stop off at the bank after work. Will probably throw something in the crockpot for dinner ??? Hope everyone has a stress free day.

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It's a beautiful sunny day. Very warm for December in Northern NY. Our high for today is supposed to be 45*. It feels warmer than that right now.

Today was another busy day for me. After getting the kids off to school, I had an early dentist appt (cleaning). Not fun. I hate the dentist. Scratch that. I like my dentist, I just hate going to the dentist :toothy:

After the dentist I got some good news from the college. Turns out I am eligible for Tuition Assistance through NY state. They are paying all but $300 of my tuition. So I will only need to pay that plus the cost of my books. VERY good news because the last time I heard from them, I got ZERO financial aid from the Federal Gov't (Pell grant) and was having to foot the entire bill myself. So I went up to the college, settled my bill & got my student ID card. Soon I'll be back to school. Again. Sigh.

I've already:
~loaded & run the dishwasher
~washed the extras
~washed & dried three loads of laundry

Still need to:
~vacuum downstairs
~clean up the kitchen
~pick up the mudroom
~figure out what to make for dinner :eek:

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Not much on the list today.

So far:
*Cleaned up the kitchen (dishwasher, swept floor, wiped counters)
*Started a load of laundry (had to soak some of DS's clothes first)

Left on the list:
*I have four auctions on eBay, one has already ended and the other 3 end within the hour. I have to pack them all up after they end, will probably all end up going to the same person. Then I have to figure out how to ship to Canada.
*Look at the recipe I am going to use for my aunts. I just realized last night that it was a mix in a jar recipe, and didn't realize it made two loaves. I was just going to bake two mini loaves in cute ceramic bread pans, now I have to figure out how much I'm going to make and when.
*Go through my coupons - I have been really bad about this, since we haven't gone shopping at the real grocery store in a while, and I'm sure I have some good ones that expire on 12/31.

If I get really ambitious, I'll list the next few things I have on eBay. I have a whole basket full of stuff, but to keep from being overwhelmed with questions and trips to the post office, I'm trying to list a few things at a time and wait until the auctions end to list more.

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Still rainy here with temps in the lower 70's, but it feels colder to me. Hubby left at 10:30 to get to work by noon as the holiday traffic on I-95 is pretty thick. Not sure what time he will get home this evening so I'm planning on doing a quick but filling stir fry. Cleaned out fridge this morning after breakfast and ran dishwasher. Still to do today:

Mop hardwood floors again. Hubby dropped two raw eggs on kitchen floor and cat tracked it all over. Arrrrg!!
Run into town to P.O. to mail a few bills and pay phone bill.
Stop by grocery store to pick up a few groceries to finish out the week and complete my Christmas dinner menu.
Finish wrapping Christmas presents.
Decorate plain stockings I bought for $1 at dollar store with buttons and bows.
Cook supper.
Watch a little tv or maybe come here if weather allows (it's supposed to storm tonight.)

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Today I have

Dropped off scrapbook to a person that paid me to do one, got dressed and have done some work on the computer

Still to do
audit for a friend
pick up some items at Dollar General
Pick up ice cream and small onions at the grocery store
pick up a freecycle item.
pick up house and do laundry
sew tonight in front of the tv

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Got dressed
made sure dad got up & ready for his appointment this morning
fed the :cat:
FINALLY heard from DD & getting ready to email her back
called Pat to cancel this mornings meeting
studied a little bit
sprayed febreeze on the chair & sofa
got the garbage out
got the recycle out
did a few more daily surveys
took meds
had coffee & breakfast
folded my clothes & put them away

still need to:
study book
fill out the last 2 cards & mail tomorrow
do more surveys
call Jody for dairy delivery
redo a couple things on grocery list before delivery next week
fold basket of laundry & put it all away
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