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Maybelle Hester, my paternal grandmother, celebrated her 77th birthday this day--which for those in the US was Memorial day, the day we remember those who have fallen in war.

She is a remarkable woman. Maybelle Keller, born in 1926, came from a large family. She was born just before the Great Depression, lived thru WWII, The Korean War, The Cuban Missile Crisis, The Vietnam War, The 1st Moon Walk, Apollo 13 (These are just off the top of my head) the Gulf War and has seen democrat's and republican's alike move in and out of the White House.

She became a registered RN without ever having recieved a HighSchool Diploma. In the days you didn't need a piece of paper to prove that you were intelligent!

She was a mother and wife. She adopted my father when he was 3 weeks old and never looked back. She met my Grandfather while supporting herself and my father by working at a local pottery and going to school for nursing. They married and had 3 children together.

Years later, Gran encouraged Dad to meet his natural mother. He did, but his love for Gran was never replaced by his biological mother.

I know that I haven't even begun to touch on the things that have happened in my Granmother's life, the things she has experienced or witnessed. She is an amazing woman and thru it all she has NEVER driven a car...LOL

But I guess what I will remember her for is her humor and quick wit AND her faith in God and Humanity. She is an incredible woman!


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What a touching testimony. :heartsm:
Your Grandmother has another thing of which to be proud,
a grandaughter~ you.
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