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Tomato catsup

Recipe Description
Adapted from the Ball Blue Book recipe. This should definitely be considered a base from which to explore. Ingredients can be altered to suit your taste.​
Preparation Steps:
Level of Difficulty:
Time Needed:
4-5 hours, with reduction time​
1 stick cinnamon (or 1 t. ground cinnamon)
1 t. whole cloves
1 t. mustard seed
1 t. celery seed
1 c. vinegar
8-10 lbs tomatoes (any kind)
1 c. chopped onion (or 1 T. onion powder)
1/4 t. cayenne pepper
1 c. sugar
1 T. salt​
2-3 pints​
Place cinnamon, cloves, mustard seed, and celery seed into a spice bag or add directly into vinegar. Bring to boil, then remove from heat and allow to cool.

Peel and core tomatoes. Quarter, if necessary.

Combine tomatoes, onion, and pepper in pot. Simmer until soft. Press through a sieve or food mill. Return to pot and add sugar. Bring to a boil; simmer until reduced by half. (Stir regularly to prevent burning/sticking to bottom of pan.)

Remove spice bag from vinegar (or strain vinegar) and add vinegar and salt to tomatoes.

Simmer until reduced to desired consistency. Taste and adjust sugar/salt as desired.

Ladle into hot jars, leaving 1/4" headspace. Process 15 mins in a bwb canner.​

17,693 Posts
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I used tarragon vinegar, because I had it on hand, and got a very spicy (and tasty) catsup. I also didn't measure the tomatoes, so ended up using closer to 2 c. sugar. Be sure to taste as the catsup simmers and adjust to your taste.

This recipe can also be frozen, instead of canned.
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