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Kids' Dental Doorway
Welcome to the kid's section of the Colorado Springs Dental Society's Web Site. Through this doorway you will find local dental information and links to fun kids pages which will help you and your pents learn more about dental health.

You can help your dentist in your quest for a life time of good dental health and a beautiful smile, by following the steps below.

Brush and floss daily
Use a fluoride containing product daily
Eat a varied and balanced diet
Avoid sweet snacks
Prevent accidents
Have dental examinations regularly
Local Dental Activities for Kids
· Crest (Proctor and Gamble) Toothbrush Program
· CSDS Speaker's Bureau for Classroom Visits
· Kids In Need of Dentistry (KIND)
· The Pioneers Museum

Dental Health Links
· Children's Recommended Reading
· Colgate - No Cavity Clubhouse
· Crest Consumer Information
· Family Food Zone
· National Dairy Council

Crest (Proctor and Gamble) Toothbrush Program
The Crest Toothbrush Program donates over 2 million toothbrushes and tubes of Crest toothpaste to first-graders through-out the United States. Very often teachers, parents and children believe the toothbrush kits are donated by the Colorado Springs Dental Society, but they are not. We need to give the Proctor and Gamble Corporation all the credit. The Colorado Springs Dental Society applauds the Crest Toothbrush Program for their continued donations and thank them for being partners in our profession's efforts to improve the dental health of all children.

Teachers must contact the Crest Program directly to request toothbrush kits for their first- grade Classes. The kits must be ordered early in the school year to be shipped in February, for Dental Health Month. Contact the Crest Program at 1-800-526-6611.
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