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So, I've converted my traditional IRA to a Roth IRA this year. I did it last year, but had to recharacterize as we made to much money to be eligible to do it. This year there's no cap on income, plus I'm single now.

I work as a tax preparer part time, so I've already figured my taxes owed on this chunk of money.....the amount of the conversion was 37k.

This year only, the amount of the conversion can be split up into two years (2011 & 2012) or all in 2010. I ran my numbers last night and if I put it all in this year, I'm going to owe an extra $11k between federal and state. Now, I just wanted some thoughts on what others would do. I think I can swing the 11k....just would be creative. I was hoping to get this out of the way this year.

I have $8,000 in a savings account. I have 10k available on a home equity loan.

I just want thoughts on what you would do.
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