Nature is full of wonder and fascination, particularly for children. If you want your child to experience the beauty of nature up close and personal, you might consider adding a bird feeder or a bird house to your yard. If you want your child to really get involved, help them make a birdhouse themselves!

Here are some simple ideas to make a DIY birdhouse with your child:

Teapot and Crate

There's no rule that says a birdhouse has to look like a birdhouse - all you need to do is provide space for birds to nest. If you like the whimsical, take a wooden crate and sand it down and paint it a bright color before hanging it from a tree with the open side facing out. Inside the crate, hang a teapot from its handle, leaving the top open for birds to nest inside.

Repurpose Light Globes

You can't visit a flea market or thrift store without finding a collection of light globes from old light fixture. Hang them from a tree with rope, the open end facing out, and fill them with birdseed or a little nesting material to encourage birds to take up residence.

Old Rubber Boots

The only thing a birdhouse really needs to do is provide a warm, dry place for birds to build their nest. If those are the requirements, what better option than to use a rubber rain boot? Construct a simple wooden or Plexiglas roof then set the boots on a wooden platform or hang them from a tree. Cut an opening in the front and insert a perch to finish it up.

Plastic 2-Liter Bottles

Cut a 2-liter plastic bottle in half and cut a large notch into the bottom half - it should be large enough for a bird to comfortably squeeze through. With hot glue, attach the top to the bottom of the bottle, inserting the bottom into the top so it creates a roof. Decorate the birdhouse as you see fit and hang it in your garden for birds to enjoy!

Tin Cans and Twigs

A tin can is just about the simplest thing you can turn into a birdhouse. If you want to add some decoration to it, consider lining the outside with twigs or decorating it with small stones. When you're done, simply set the can on a longer stick to act as a perch and hang it wherever you please.

Customize a Premade Birdhouse

If you don't feel up to building a birdhouse yourself, you can still enjoy the activity by buying a premade birdhouse and adding your own personal flare. Paint the birdhouse in a fancy pattern or use pennies to line the roof. Add perches and swings or whatever else you like to make the birdhouse your own.

Building a birdhouse is a fun and kid-friendly activity you can enjoy as a family. The fun doesn't stop when you complete the birdhouse, either - you then get to enjoy the wonder of life as birds make their home and create families of their own.

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