When spring finally arrives, it's time to air out your closet and get rid of a couple of things - or more than a couple. If you're honest with yourself, you might admit that half the clothing in your closet hasn't left the hanger for months - maybe years. Spring is the perfect time to take a closer look at your wardrobe and to thin it out a bit.

If you're ready to spring-clean your wardrobe, follow these tips!

1. Take Everything Out

The first step in spring-cleaning your closet is to take everything out of it - yes, everything. Open up the drawers, take the hangers off the rack, and put it all out in the open. Once it's all out there, take a closer look at every item. As you do, you may find a few pieces that you can get rid of right away - things that are in awful shape or that you haven't worn in years.

2. Sort It All into Piles

Your next step is to make piles of things to keep, things to donate, and things to throw away - you may find it helpful to divide this step into three sub-steps. Start by quickly going through your wardrobe and pick out the things you wear on a weekly basis then put those items back in the closet. Next, go through and find the items that you would wear if they were clean or mended - put those in a separate pile to deal with later. Finally, go through and find the items that you no longer want and divide them into a pile to donate and a pile to discard.

3. Organize Your Closet

Once you've gone through and pared down your wardrobe, the next step is to put back the things you want to keep and organize them. Start by taking all of the off-season clothes you won't be wearing immediately and store them in garment bags or bins, so they don't clutter up your closet again. The rest of the items can be organized as you like on the shelves and hangers.

4. Head to the Tailor or Dry Cleaner

After you've put everything in your closet back in order, it's time to revisit that pile of clothes that need to be cleaned or mended. Sort through everything and make a pile of things you can clean or mend yourself. Take the rest of the clothes and pack them in your car right away - if you don't do it now, those clothes will end up in a pile right back where they started. Take the clothes that need to be cleaned to the dry cleaner and the rest to the tailor for mending.

5. Take a Second Look at Your Donate/Discard Pile

Before you get rid of those clothes in the donate/discard pile, you should go through them with a discerning eye. Ask yourself for each piece what made you buy the item and why you are getting rid of it. Is it the wrong size? Does it not fit with the rest of your wardrobe? Answering these and other questions will help to prevent you from buying something similar in the future and adding to the clutter in your closet.

Once you have completed these five steps, you'll find that you have a nice, clean, and organized closet to enjoy! Now all you have to do is resist the urge to hit the shopping mall and fill it up again.

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