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Trying to cut bills is harder thatn I thought it would be

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So we looked at our bills and tried to change them into our favor.

It was harder than I thought. We researched before getting them the extras like cable internet and cell phones to get what we wanted at a good deal.

So trying to lower them today was not very fruitful.

Take cable and internet for one. We could lower them by about 8 dollars a month. We had a old plan and the new plans were way more expensive and come with contracts. So for that 8 a month we would lose the DVR have to rent their modem have limited internet and lose most of our tv channels.

Cell phone was similar.

Electric, gas, water, and trash there is no choice you get what you you get. To lower your bills you just have to watch how much you use.

Man, we were just to good from the get go and can't lower the bills now.

Have yet to figure out how we will lower the monthly out go.
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I hear you on bills.

The only what to cut the utilities is to be frugal users. lights off, temp higher in the summer, lower in the winter. Limiting - tv time to conserve power, or computer time- set an hour you use it, the rest of the time it's off.

Since ds17 is working full time, we've passed on his cell bill to him, lowering ours by 35. We don't have to buy a bus pass for him, as he carpools with dh to work. He is also purchasing some of his lunch foods. This has been a great eye opener for him, he isn't over indulging in many things now, as he is seeing the costs first hand.

So while he's working we're saving about $86/mo. Then it's back to school for him for 6 months, then he'll be paying these things again.

Dh says if he's working full time, he's paying room and board. While he's in school(8-12 weeks once a year for 4 years) he'll be given grace from it. So he doesn't take advantage.
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It just makes it easier to budget.
For example, if I had to pay my actual electric bill each month, it would range from about 35 dollars in the winter (I have gas heat) to almost 200 in the summer (AC).
Under the average payment plan, it still varies a little, but it's pretty close to the same amount every month.
We do an average payment plan, but NOT through the company. I called to find out their average. Then went through my bills and did my average, there was higher. So I broke it up by paydays, and just send that amount every month. They never agree with our gas bill, in April to Oct/Nov I have my furnace off. Yes, it's cool some of those months, but I run a gas stove, and it negates the need for the Furnace. In November it gets cold enough, that the house doesn't hold enough heat for the whole night, so I turn the furnace on, it only runs 1 time a night most nights, as I wake to use the washroom, and stoke the fire again. But they always thing 'the other foot will fall' and want to average to the area accounts. I call cow patty on that. I do send it early, but the good thing about doing it on my own, is if we have a bad month, and I can't pay my full budget amount, I don't get charged late fees.
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