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Trying to cut bills is harder thatn I thought it would be

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So we looked at our bills and tried to change them into our favor.

It was harder than I thought. We researched before getting them the extras like cable internet and cell phones to get what we wanted at a good deal.

So trying to lower them today was not very fruitful.

Take cable and internet for one. We could lower them by about 8 dollars a month. We had a old plan and the new plans were way more expensive and come with contracts. So for that 8 a month we would lose the DVR have to rent their modem have limited internet and lose most of our tv channels.

Cell phone was similar.

Electric, gas, water, and trash there is no choice you get what you you get. To lower your bills you just have to watch how much you use.

Man, we were just to good from the get go and can't lower the bills now.

Have yet to figure out how we will lower the monthly out go.
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Yep, I agree.

I cancelled our garbage service & choose to recycle everything possible (free) & take one bag of trash a week to either my mom's house, my MIL's house, or toss it in my hubby's dump trailer (work) - so maybe you have that option if you have a recycling center near by?? And a friend or family member that will let you toss in a bag a week??
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I cancelled our home phone about a year ago, and got big J a cell - actually, it was just my old cell, $10 extra a month to add him to our plan-

We don't miss the house phone. I left a corded phone in the kitchen for emergency 911 use - even without service, it can still call 911. (I think that's neat)

We also dropped full coverage on both cars (older cars/paid for)

so far, it wasn't a mistake.... ((knock on wood))

I kept uninsured motorist - just in case.

I pay $13 for basic B A S I C cable - that gives us 13 channels (local) - but I've been debating cancelling that also - then we will get fuzz. BUT we can always watch movies, or watch shows online -

That's a tough one for me.... cause I think "well, it's only $13/month"

It used to be $9, it keeps creeping up and that annoys me enough to cancel it.

We really don't watch much t.v. anyway....

Anyway: I vote cancel your home phone!! If you hate it, you can always connect it again.
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