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Tuesday Challenge!!! LFL

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Lets really focus on our glutes today (along with whatever else workout you are doing)

I want you guys to choose the workout, you can do one or more of the following (or make up your own if you have a different way)
~Walking and just squeezing your cheeks each time you step
(uphill and downhill walking is a plus)
~Donkey Kicks
~Leg raises

Other things you can do is, on all fours, take your leg and lift it as if you are a dog and going to pee on a hydrant. (not to be vulgar it's just the only way i can figure how to describe it) Do that about 12 times each leg, then switch and try to do it at least twice on each leg.

Standing with your torso/back straight, kick your leg back ...using the force in your glutes and hamstrings, and squeeze the cheek as your leg goes back.

You could also do the samba, or for those with the Firm, use that Fanny lifter to do target the glutes :D

And to finish off you can do hamstring curls to get a nice definition in the back of your legs :) It's the same concept as a bicep curl, just do it with your leg (no weights needed)
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I did some of these-Not many, but some. Thanks for the inspiration!! :D
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