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Hello all! It's supposed to be much warmer here today, in the 40's.YES! Sure would like to break free(mild case of cabin fever)but today I need to:
Clean the litter box
Vacumn the sunporch
Vacumn the back porch
Wash sheets and hang( nice sunny day for it, the sunporch will reach temps in the 80's)
Clean the china cabinet

Have a super day!

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The dogs are making me nuts today!

I need to make the beds
mop the floors--with the dogs in--yep that will happen!
load another item on Ebay
Scrub the bathrooms
Vac all the floors(if the mopping gets done)

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It's cold here today too (about 25 right now). I've been working a ton lately and haven't been home alot. My dogs are having some cabin fever and so I threw them outside for now. I wish it was warmer. I'd sit outside with a nice book, but o well..................

Work gave me the morning off since I've been covering so many hour so I'm going to try and get as much done as possible.

1. Go to the bank
2. Run the dishwasher
3. Iron my scrubs
4. Dust the livingroon
5. Pay some bills online
6. Pick up my friend and go to the gym
7. Go to work (later)
8. Sort the laundry
9. Return some library books

I hope everyone else has a wonderful day!

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1. Dr Appt
2. Hobby Lobby
3. Gotta hang some burlap curtains I made for the patio
4. Later this afternoon i need to see a man about his hottub
5. Dishes
6. laundry
7. misc household chores

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It's a warm (ha ha) 3 degrees here right now.

I'm feeling better today and getting ready to do some decluttering. I found this fun blog meme called "Tackle It Tuesday" where everyone posts the project the tackled that day, and then you can check out the links to everyone else's blogs. (See my decluttering blog for last week's entry- this week's isn't done yet!) Anyways, my project to tackle today will be our front hall closet. It's so full that our coats don't even fit in there anymore. :shame:

Otherwise, I need to:
-- pay some bills
-- do a load of laundry
-- sort through a pile of junk mail & toss most of it
-- figure out what to do with spinach ravioli, chicken, and alfredo sauce... I know there's a casserole in there somewhere waiting to be born
-- regular house stuff-- dishes, etc.

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

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So far today I have:
unloaded, reloaded and started the dishwasher

I still need to:
make the bed
fold a load of laundry
go to class

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Not much on the list today.

*Go to the bank (if the mail gets here early with my check in it)
*Go to the post office (but only if I'm also going to the bank)
*Clean up a bit (I'm thinking sweep/mop/vacuum)
*Do a load of DH's work pants
*Run out to the dumpster since it's going to be 27 degrees today!

I called an old friend I hadn't talked to in about a year yesterday, and it turns out he has a doctors appointment two blocks down the street from me today, so I invited him over for coffee/drinks/whatever afterwards (would have been lunch, but he won't get here until 3pm - so maybe afternoon tea?) - he lives about an hour away.

I also have yoga class tonight at 7:15pm.

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So far today I have watched 2 of the 3 lectures for this week's class, posted the 2 homework assignments, packed everyone's lunches, pulled the frozen veggies out for tonight's dinner (veggie soup) and unloaded/reloaded the dishwasher.
When work is over, I need to fold up the dry clothes and wash a load of dark clothes. The dryer died Monday morning so we are back to hanging everything. SO wants to buy a new one, but I am secretly going to drag my feet so we can save a little on the electrical.

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Just woke up and I'm having my coffee. Looks a little cloudy today, but at least it's not cold.

So far : I have thrown a line load in for a quick tumble
Have a load a washing
put away dishes on drainer
fed fur babies
made the bed

Still need to: Hang a load on line
fold and put away one load
Get on treadmill
Take something out for dinner
Go to work 11-4 today
Dinner and dishes

Hope you all have a great day.

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It's another frigid day, with snow predicted for later today...could get up to 8 inches (I hope not!). Dd #1 was on another 2 hour delay from school because of cold, so that threw things off this morning.

I have already:
*Got showered, dressed, and got kids fed and dressed
*Sent dd off to school
*Unloaded dishwasher
*Washed towels and put in dryer
*Cleaned both bathrooms
*Got out meat for chili tonight
*Made some iced tea
*Emailed my mom

Still on the agenda:
*Clean kitchen
*Put away clean towels
*Run to post office and mail a few packages
*Put chili on to simmer/make cornbread
*Go to job interview @ 6 pm
*Come home and get kids to bed

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I've showered, eaten and gotten the kids off to school. In a half hour dh is taking Emily to playgroup and I'm heading to the gym. After that we are rearranging our bedroom.

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Ooh, it's up to 6 degrees outside! At least it's sunny.

Just showered and now I'm going to make my lunch, some (decaf) coffee, and get my stuff together
Go to campus, pick up a ticket for Thai Night this Friday, deposit a check
Hold my office hours/read for class
More reading for class/working on my conference paper
Come home and read some more, and enter some more data
Email out some birthday thank-yous

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Cold here today. been fighting the woodstoves they don't want to burn
No school today only 12 degrees with w/c about -3*
Getting snow off and on.
Need to now get to the barn through the snow drift and carry hot water out .
( I Hate Winter and I had Cold )
I'm ready to move to Hawaii or Jamaica and never come back.
Need to do everything.
Have a great day

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Good day all :) It's almost noon here. I've already:
-made the bed
-unloaded the dishwasher
-reassembled the stove top (took it apart to clean it yesterday)
-got the ham in the stove for dinner tonight that didn't get made yesterday
-cleaned up the kitchen
-went to class

I still need to:
-finish knitting a dishcloth I started last night
-work out, not sure it's going to happen today :(
-work on my meteorology lab
-do my economics homework
-go to class tonight

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So far today I have...
called cable co. & found out they raised their rates again:toothy: but I got it paid off while I check out other cable services.

called phone co. got them paid :thumb:

got a load of laundry washed & now drying

have chicken thawing out for tonights dinner

sliced up 2 loaves of garlic bread and got them wrapped & in the freezer

studied for tonights meeting

got my daily reading done

made a list of things we need at the store & a few coupons to go with them for dad since he needs to go there today.

got a package ready to mail to a dear friend

seen landlord this morning

scanned all groceries & purchases

pantry is restocked :thumb:

found out DD #1 is working again I hope now things will start looking up for them. :relieved:

I still need to...
check out things on ebay

do another load of laundry

get surveys done so I get paid this month

go through more coupons

cook dinner

wash dishes


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Well today was pretty warm. We got up into the 60's.

Worked from 7-3:40 didn't get much done, but what I did, helped.
2 mystery shops after work. Need to do data input
Look over DD homework that is due tomorrow.
Work on office. Getting it cleaned up
Craft and watch IDOL

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I had a busy day.....
~worked out
~lunch with Gripey
~checked email, replied
~reconciled 2 bank statements
~paid bills
~ran into 'town' to pick up dogs at groomers
~ran into walmart and got a few things on my list
~came home, carried in, put away
~posted a bill
~had a quick supper with Gripey
~watching tv with Gripey
~about to get ready for bed

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We had a super busy day here. The kids had dentist appts in a town about 1 1/2 away. So I put dishes away this morning and headed out. Met DH for lunch up there and he went to the dentist with us. Then we went shopping at Maytag for a discount for buying more than one and a $200 rebate! Went to the paint store, Sam's, Walmart, and HEB. Headed home and then went to a sorority meeting. DH is sorting girl scout cookies to deliver. I am fighting a cold and need to get myself int he bed.

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I had doctor appointments today....but I did do some shopping as one of the doc's that work for gave me a 75.00 gift certificate to a place called Zona is a wonderful little shopping mall place with lots of nice stuff. I got 2 outfits and a pair of shoes...woo with someone elses money. I had fun and hadn't been on a shopping spree for months..It was a good day....
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