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Great Tutorial Missy! Thank you so much. I had no clue how to use all of the embossing stuff. The Thank You Note is so cute!

I've been collecting card/scrapbooking supplies for about 2 years now and am yet to make my first card or scrapbook page, lol. I got my Embossing Heat Gun at the thrift store for $2.00 and it had a Michaels price sticker of $29.99 on it. I got a huge amount of card stock (2 reams of yellow and white) for $1.00 and my stamps (all but my little quilting stamps) were FOUND in the neighbors stuff they put by the road after they moved. I used to think I could never afford to make cards or scrapbook since it is so expensive but I found if I have patience I'll soon have a lot of great supplies. In all I don't think I've spent more than $5.00 for all supplies. Oh and occasionally you can get nice card stock samples freebies on the internet. I have gotten them 2 or 3 times.

The only things you mentioned that I don't have is the embossing powder and the embossing ink pad. Now I know what to look for and will keep my eyes open for it. Thanks! :wave:

Oh, I actually got the embossing gun for my quilting. You use it to make stamped designs on velour or velvet type fabric and add those pieces to your crazy quilt. So, it has a dual purpose!:mouse:
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