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Have you got 20 wishes of things you'd like to do? Not things you should do, or need to do, but things you've always wanted to try and never had the chance/money/time/etc.?

I have come up with 20 wishes to work on the next while (probably years! LOL)...

  1. Go on a houseboat vacation
  2. Go to a creativity conference (know of a good one?)
  3. Travel to Costa Rica (relatives live there)
  4. Take dance lessons with DH
  5. Go sea kayaking
  6. Go on a hot air balloon ride (I'm afraid of heights)
  7. Go to the symphony
  8. Go sailing with someone.
  9. Take a cooking course
  10. Take an etiquette course (just to see how the other half lives!)
  11. Frame the stitchwork under my bed!
  12. Sell the rest of my books I wrote.
  13. Learn to play the piano (I have a course to use this summer, and maybe a teacher this fall.)
  14. Take knitting classes.
  15. Go to the opera...a real live one.
  16. Have date days with DH once a month.
  17. Go scuba diving
  18. Go on a waterslide
  19. Renovate our home to be energy efficient.
  20. Go on a Caribbean cruise.

What about you? Anything you want to do??? I find working on these goals to be motivation to be frugal in other areas.


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1. go home to bury my mom.
2. pay off our large car hospital
3. see hawaii
4. send kids to college
5. .....
i'll have to think up more.

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Fun post, Peanut!
1. Alaskan cruise without kids
2. Disney with kids
3. Build a custom GREEN home
4. Grand Ol' Opry (sp?) with my parents
5. Send my sister somewhere for her dream vacation
6. Ditto for brother
7. Open a flower shop
8. Hand out food to the homeless with dad on Christmas
9. Open an alternative school on family land in KY
10. Get a handle on school funding on Ohio
11. College funds for my kids, nieces & nephew
wow, these are very money oriented!!!
12. World peace?!?!?
Okay after 11, I kind hit a wall.
13. White water rafting
14. Rainforest trip
15. Take a class in knitting
16. Basket weaving class
17. Homestead
18. ???????

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Peanut! You can make most of those wishes, if not all of them, come true. They are wonderful wishes too.

I wish I could do a few things over -- especially where my children are concerned. I had to (or thought I had to) work lots of long hours when they were little to build my career and provide a good house, good neighborhood, good school (private through 8th grade), etc. But I truly believe now that the happiest children in the world are the ones who play in the dirt with "toys" they've invented out of sticks and are loved and nutured and have mommy and daddy available. My dear kids turned out fine -- and don't seem to harbor any large resentments (OK, the curfews I set were too strict in their view and they still think I short-changed them on some stuff). But I feel like I missed large chunks of time with them, and they with me. . . I'd like to get a chance to enjoy some moments I missed. Now I hope, wish, to make the most of every moment with my grandson.

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I forgot one. I've always wanted to ride a motorcycle. I've never been on one. I don't want to drive one, I just want a ride on one!LOL


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Oh, I definitely have a list. Is this like The Bucket List? I am planning to watch that movie tomorrow. Let's see is I can name 20....

1. Vacation in Hawaii.
2. Gambling in Las Vegas.
3. See the Northern Lights.
4. Become a photographer.
5. Bungee jump.
6. Dine at a Mystery Dinner Theater.
7. See the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular. (We are actually doing this in November!!)
8. Throw a huge party wth a band/DJ and invite all my family and friends.
9. See Niagara Falls.
10. Own a red convertible Volkswagen Beetle.
11. Visit all 50 states.
12. Shopping at the Mall of America.
13. Visit a Health Spa and indulge myself.
14. Ride in a limosine.

I got 14 LOL. I know there are more. I'll think on this and update later.

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1. Go to college
2. Pay off my debt
3. Buy a house
4. Find the man of my dreams :D
5. Get married
6. Have children
7. Lose weight or have lap band surgery
8. Open a bed & breakfast (prolly won't happen...)
9. Move somewhere cooler :winter: (Washington state, maybe)
10. Visit New Zealand
11. Go on an Alaskan cruise
12. Learn how to cook
13. Vacation in England
14. Live in a small town
15. Learn how to speak German
16. Be a teacher
17. Go to a live UFC event

Hmm, that's all I can think of right now!

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Emily -- I want to see BUCKET LIST too. I like the concept.

Kitten -- I like your "wishes" :) I hope you make every one of them come true.

Peanut -- thank you for this thread. It makes me realize how fortunate I am because many of my life's "wishes" have come true.

Some of my lifetime wishes that came true :)
1. Go to college
2. Have children (I have three -- and now a grandson too)
3. Own a home
4. Live in a small town and live in a city and live in the country (not at the same time obviously, but I got to do each)
5. Travel in Europe (how lucky am I? I've gotten to do that a few times)
6. Have a career -- one where I feel proud of what I am doing and confident and competent that's also interesting. One where I look forward to going to work. I have that right now :)
7. Learn how to sail
8. Go skiing often enough to be "good" at it.
9. Be good enough at knitting and sewing, etc that I can make my own clothes (or gifts for others) that look better than store bought.
10. Get a standing ovation! Wow, that was fun. I'm smiling just remembering it.
11. Learn a 2nd language fluently enough to be able to read a novel without looking up any words and to speak freely without having to think about it.
12. Fall in love with someone who loves me too.
13. Eat in a 5 star restaurant.
14. Ride a motorcyle
15. Become comfortable with my own body enough to enjoy being in it. It's not a young, slender, beautiful body. Mine is a "mature woman's body" -- things are starting to droop and sag, my middle has thickened and I swear my hip bones are still growing :), but I now appreciate how this body lets me get around and enjoy lots of different things (wind in my hair, a hug from my grandson, a walk in the woods. . .) and I somehow feel more beautiful than I did when I was, say, 20.
16. Get out of debt.
17. Have a garden.
18. Become a good cook.
19. Take my children camping and fishing and hiking
20. Learn the difference between "assertive" and "bitch" -- so I can stand up for myself without being offensive. (I've mostly mastered that, but its a wish in progress)

So, I am really blessed to have so many wishes come true. I hope all of your wishes come true.

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Oh, nice thread.
I would like to:
1. rent a villa in Tuscany
2. travel through Europe by train
3. travel through USA by car (east to west)
4. lose weight
5. learn to sew
6. write a book (or at least some articles)
7. have an apple tree
8. buy an old grannycottage
9. decorate my home in vintage style
10. see my kids as happy adults
11. have my cancer cured
12. win a lottery
13. spend a year abroad
14. knit beautiful socks and mittens
15. help my parents financially and otherwise
16. learn a new language
17. have a new frugalminded friend
18. run a marathon ( I have always wanted to do this)
19. have my iq tested and ofcource it would be high ; )
20. Okay! World peace!

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Wishes that came true on my list already ( I have this list posted in back of my closet!)

1. Have 2 great kids!
2. Own my own home, and love it!
3. Open daycare and love it!
4. Pay off all debt, and start saving!
5. Take kids to meet great grandparents!
6. Visit Mexico.

Wishes I need to work on!
7. Take day trip to island.
8. Help out at food kitchen once a week.
9. Help a single parent get house, car, education and life for her & her kids.
10. Donate my time to a local charity.
11. Open my own daycare center!
12. Own a new convertible and love it!
13. Take trip to Vegas!
14. Take kids on cruise! (scared of them but would love it!)
15. Go to Italy!
16. Meet love of my life, and spend life with him!
17. I wish I could pay for my kids college.
18. Maintain a healthy weight.
19. Make all my kids wishes come true.
20. Hire a maid and cook to come weekly! (oh i wish!)

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Wow....20 wishes. Here I go!

1. Lose weight
2. my husband to get a job(Please Lord!)
3. Put my son thru University
4. Travel thru Scotland,England,etc.
5. Alaskan Cruise(I hate the heat)
6. Win the lottery
7. Help my sis so they dont lose everything
8.Finish renovating my 110 year old house
9.Have my yard and gardens looking like they should
10. Take a trip with my mom!
11. Take my son to Disney
12.Be more financially stable
13.Pay off credit card debt
14. Spend more time at home
15. Get together with family more(No one seems to have the time)
16.Pay off my car
17. Ride lots of roller coasters
18. Drive across Canada
19. Tour the state of Texas
20.Retire while I am still young enough and healthy enough to enjoy it!

Boy...I better get working.... hehe!

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Your 20 wishes reminds me of the movie "The Bucket List"'s a great movie.

I would have to think long and hard before I could decide on my twenty wishes...

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Well now I'm going to have to get out this "The Bucket List" and watch it! My 20 wishes idea came from Debbie Macomber's book "Twenty Wishes".

You know, there's enough of us with Alaskan cruise on the list maybe we should all plan a cruise sometime! It's not on my list, but that's something that's a given for me. We're going to see Alaska, one way or the other. A cruise would be nice. Beats the long boring drive up there! I know a friend who cruised up, took the train into Canada and then flew back home from Whitehorse. At least, I think that's how it worked.


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01. To be blessed with a healthy body the rest of my life.
02. To be blessed with a wonderful and caring (though imperfect) husband.
03. To be blessed with enough opportunity to have a comfortable life, not necessarily completely stress free but with all the basic essentials covered.
04. To be blessed with a family who maintains good health all their lives.
05. To complete my degree successfully and with good grades.
06. To be blessed with job opportunities that make me happy and relate to my field or that take me to new fields that excite and motivate me.
07. To be blessed with vehicles that rarely cause my grief, that are kept safely on the road and that get me to and from my destinations safely and efficiently.
08. To be blessed with all five senses for all my life.
09. To be blessed with important, Christian virtues such as patience, kindness, wisdom, joy, passion, etc.
10. To be blessed with favor from my Lord and Saviour.
11. To be blessed with children who are happy and healthy.
12. To be blessed with many animals in my home that are loving and appreciative of their circumstances in a happy home.
13. To be blessed with the services of competent, efficient and empathetic doctors, lawyers, servicepeople, bankers, etc.
14. To be blessed with the wisdom and ability to always keep my head above water financially.
15. To be blessed with good kind-hearted friends, employers and aquaintences.
16. To be blessed with a warm and happy place that myself, my family, my pets and my friends can all call home.
17. To be blessed with a positive, confident attitude, secure in the knowledge that my Lord will never put any situation before me that He doesn't think I can't handle.
18. To be blessed with many opportunities to do good onto others.
19. To be blessed with an active prayer life.
20. And just to be a little bit selfish -- to never get wrinkly or saggy. :p

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Great lists, everyone! Here's mine:

1) Get a tattoo. I really want one, but I've never been able to think of something that I'm sure I'll want on my body for the rest of my life.
2) Visit all 50 states.
3) Go to Paris.
4) Have babies.
5) Learn to play an instrument. I'm thinking the piano.
6) Get Lasik.
7) Watch all the movies on AFI's top 100 list.
8) Run a 5K.
9) Completely stop cursing.
10) Learn to knit.
11) Exercise more.
12) Learn sign language.
13) Use my time more efficiently.
14) Be a better wife.
15) Learn how to take better photographs.
16) Finish redecorating/remodeling our home.
17) Find a church that's right for us and re-gain my closeness with God.
18) Learn sign language.
19) Achieve financial independence.
20) Live happily ever after with my husband.

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I have the list in my head and edit it contstantly. Right now it is
1. Take kids to Disney
2> Spend 3mths traveling all of Europe
3.Travel cross country working when needed
4. build a green house with a bird room like in zoos
5.Own an electric car that fits all 5 of us
6. Learn to hunt and get a bear studffed for my house
7.hike the Appilation trail
8. see all 3 kids graduate from college
9. take a cruise the NYC marathon( I HATE running but have always dreamed of doing this)
11.go on a cruise
12. go to Hawaii
13. own a farm that does not take all your money such as my grandmom's
14.Write a book
15.Own my own company
16. win the lottery
17.Make a difference in an extreme poverty ridden area here in the USA
18.Become a chef
19.Dance with husband
20. Restore and own a 1964 1/2 mustange( I use to own one when I was 18 but when my Dad threw me out he sold it for $20 bucks

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Food for thought .... food for thought...
What a wonderful thread. Now to go ponder and return to it in a bit.
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