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I wish I could sew better ...... Never thought of sewing my own underware.. Thanks Sara !

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She's neat, I like her site! I especially like the dry little flashes of zippy humour. (the patterns look nice too)

this from her bra making lesson:

"Making is rather easy because it's pullover.
Even if this type of bra makes your breast low, no concern of mine"

And in one of the panty lessons:
"What is hanty?
Hanty is a pair of panties made from handkerchief.

Hanty? Not hanties?

Oh, I cannot understand why 'panties' is plural.

One of my friends said, "Because panties have three holes."
Your nose has two holes. Do you have noses?

Another says, "Panties wrap two hips."
I say a skirt wraps two hips.

I think trousers should be a trouser too.

Anyway, Hanty was named by me.

A handkerchief becomes a hanty.

Japanese ladies have small hips. So a handkerchief can wrap them.
I'm afraid that you cannot put on a hanty.

But you needn't make hanty.
When you have mastered know-how, you can make various panties of any cloth."

Her FAQs are wonderful.

some of them I enjoyed:

Q: Do you sell your underwear?
A : No, I don't.
Q : Do you sell your patterns?
A : No, I don't sell my pattern.
Q : I want to get patterns which you don't provide now.
A : You cannot.

Q : Do you have such and such webpage?
A : I have hundreds pages, but hide nothing from you. If you cannot find such thing, it does not exist.

Q : How do I sign up for your classes?
A : This is a self-educating class. You make these dolls by your own efforts.
Q : Will you teach me how to make kimono of human being?
A : It's too hard.
Q : How to make anime plush.
A : I don't know.
Q : Do you make a doll at my order?
A : Depends on the motif and your pocket.

Q : How can I enlarge the patterns?
A : Use a copy machine.
Q : I can't find the second pattern file.
A : Close the window of the first pattern. Then click the second.

Q : Send your answer by post.
A : Don't expect.

Q : Send me something, give me anything.
A : Beg from others.

Q : I can't understand some sentences you wrote.
A : Very sorry. Make a conjecture.

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I hadn't read it very thouroughly, gotta go back now, lol.

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I have made my own panties. Not hard at all, but I would recomend having a serger, makes it just a tad easier. :)

That lady is :laugh:
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