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Wow I have not been on my blog for a long time.
I am going to start posting here again.
DH and I have changed our budget and are trying something new.
The grocery budget is $200 a month and this includes all paper and toiletry items.
We have been averaging this amount for the last 3 months and we stocked up heavily on meat in March so will not need to much of that this month.
I want to keep it at $120 for the month. I am taking $20 of the $120 and using it for non food items. So that leaves just $25 a week for food. I still have a full freezer and a pretty well stocked pantry so we should be able to get by on this amount for a few months.
I do have some ECB from CVS that I will be using to keep by total under the $20 alotted amount.
I may start posting my weekly menu's also so that everyone knows that what we are eating and how I can keep the budget this low.
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