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URGENT! What's non-perishable and goes with Ramen noodles?

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I feel like there should be a punchline, but there isn't.

My friend in Afghanistan is begging for Ramen noodles and I'll be sending him a carepackage this weekend. I'd like to include some things to flesh out his Ramen meals a little bit, I was thinking some dinty moore stews, the small cans of corn or peas, tuna - he could pour on top. Can anyone else think of something I could buy canned/dry that could turn ramen noodles into a real meal and travel well?

He's stationary on base, not travelling, but storage is limited.
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Canned chicken,tuna or Turkey? Instant pudding and dried milk. Instant mas potatoes. Camping MRE's, Canned Salmon? If water is scarce thats another Prob. Mrs.Grass soup instead. Or dehydrated veg and bullion cubes.
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When DS was in college he always mixed hot sauce in with the noodles.
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Small can of water chestnuts, for the 'crunch', and some 'flavored' canned tomatoes. Agree with the tuna post too.....canned chicken.
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Canned mushrooms. What about chicken stock? Can you ship cardboard containers? Really just about anything goes with Ramen - the noodles themselves are pretty taste neutral.
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I like peas&carrots in my ramen. Mushrooms and some canned chicken would go well.
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While I don't buy anything wrapped in prepack individual servings for home use, this would be a good time for those single serving ranch dressing pouches. Could make a good "tuna salad" with ramen, dressing and the canned tuna someone else suggested.
i like to make pasta salad with ramen, italian dressing, black olives and mushrooms. maybe some sun-dried tomatoes or canned chicken also!
My little brother likes the shrimp ramen. I think they sell little pouches of baby shrimp, maybe a couple of those? Sounds gross to me but some people like it apparently.
Dried vegetables that can be rehydrated along with the noodles. You can get dried shrimp at an asian store.

They can also be served with spaghetti sauce and dried parmesan cheese.
This is a neat website that offers things in single use packages that might be good for this
Local style is to add Vienna Sausages, dried shrimp, dried mushrooms, dried eggs scrambled, beef jerky.
I've never tried this but I heard that the spicy hot flavor top ramen is good with canned chili. Cook the noodles and add the noodles and the seasoning packet to a can of chili and mix. Would probably work with beef flavor too.
I would make sure he has a can opener before shipping. I made that mistake before :ponder: I used to put green beans in mine. DH never puts anything in his, but would usually munch on beef jerky at the same time when he was over there.
any of the chef boy ar dee products. My kids love the ravioli and will eat it cold out of the can but would be good on top of hot noodles. I agree with the canned chicken and hot sauce.
Go down the Asian aisle in the market and you will see lots of stuff with out realizing it. Nuts, mushrooms, veggies, even Shrimp. All dried add water and dehydrate.
Any kind of jerky and dehydrated vegetables works really well, because they plump in the water too and they're super light for shipping.
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I would send some dehydrated mixed some frozen, dehydrate them, seal them and send em.....I'll be watching this thread, my son is getting ready to go to AFG...He was supposed to leave in Dec.:tree:...rumor has will be sooner.:angry:

Check out this blog. I haven't read all of the replies yet, but I would include:

spam (in the can or the individual wrapper things - I don't like this but a lot of people do)
soy sauce
fish sauce
sriracha (chili sauce - seriously addicting!)
water chestnuts
creamy peanut butter
cream of mushroom soup
slivered almonds
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I like to put soy sauce on mine.
I'm going to stick my neck out and say that he really isn't looking for a meal. They feed them meals just fine, what's he's looking for is a comfort food snack.
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