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Decorate a medium sized terra cotta pot...fill with Styrofoam ....cover the foam with moss. Attach candy bars (the candy bars used in the poem) to bamboo skewers (I taped them to the back, so it didn't ruin the candy) and then put these (flowers) into the pot...attach the following poem:

Dear ______:

We want to thank you for all you do for us. You do "Good and Plenty" around here. You help us by giving us "Mounds" of homework, so we can "Skor" well on all or our tests. We know that the lessons you have taught us will help us both "Now and Later" in life. Sometimes you are a "Hot Tamale", and other times a "Big Red", but we know that you love us to (Reeses) "Pieces". We also know that we make you "Nutrageous" at times. We wish we could give
you a "100 Grand" on "Payday" but all we have is "Hugs" and "Kisses" and a"Symphony" of voices saying Thank You....Happy Valentines Day.

Hope thisgift brings a "Bit o Honey" to your day.

Or try this:

You can put all the candy in a bowl or basket with the poem or lay it out on poster board with the candy taking the place of the words:

My dearest SUGAR BABY, I PROMISE this bouquet will bring a
SNICKER as you read my message.I am not playing a TWIX on you. You are my BIT-O-HONEY. I can always count on you in a CRUNCH, and I will always TREASURE you. Our GOOD&PLENTY life together is like 100 GRAND on PAYDAY! I love you to PIECES and wish you MOUNDS of ALMOND JOY on this Valentines day! HUGS & KISSES,

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