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Vegetable Storage for the Urban Gardener

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Vegetable Storage for the Urban Gardener 25 August 2009 Vegetable Storage for the Urban Gardener
Urban gardeners usually don't have a suitable place to store extra produce from the garden. Modern houses seldom have a suitable cold room, and the quantity stored is usually small. Standard ice boxes are available, so I decided to modify slightly and to determine is this system is feasible.

Ventilation is made by making a hole in the top cover, and using the existing drain hole. The boxes are small enough that they can be moved around to take advantage of ambient temperatures. For cooling, which is the main concern, three ice packets are utilized in a container inside the ice box. A cleaning pad is used to block and slightly insulate the vent hole if required. These ice packets will be refreshed as required in the kitchen refrigerator. For the initial cool down I am utilizing ice. Pictures indicate the modifications, and ultimate storage. There are about 150 pounds of vegetables in the three boxes.

This is an experiment and time will tell if the system is practicable or not.
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This is a fantastic idea! Can't wait to see how it works for you as I might be borrowing the idea once my potatoes are ready. :)
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