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Umm...where did the daily postings go...okay, I'll start todays.

Got kids up and dressed(done)
Start stew in crockpot for dinner(done)
Sweep the floors
Start a load of laundry(done)
Fold load of laundry(done)
Clean out dd's closet(started)
Mail out rebate(waiting to go)

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Hope everyone is having a great day.

So far I've:

Cleaned out from under the back bathroom sink
Picked up around the house
Fixed and had lunch, cleaned up the mess
Laid out meat for dinner
Gone to the post office
Dropped off a hostess gift
3-4 loads of laundry

and now I'm about to reconcile 3 bank statements. (one of my least fav. jobs)

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Well, so far I have gone tanning, and I picked up my friend and her two kids to take them to meet her sister. They are driving back to a funeral. Then, I came home to a cancelation notice for our homeowners insurance, and then after that was straightened out, I ate some lunch and did a load of laundry. Now, I have to wait until 5:30 to take my middle son to a t-ball game. Then I have to wait for a call from ds1 to find out when to pick him up from his track meet, and then that is about it. I can take a deep breath and relax.

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So far I've gotten dressed/done my hair/makeup, got ayla changed, fed, dressed...

Then I ran out to Raley's for a few groceries..
I put those away, which took careful maneuvering of the items already in the freezer...

I put away clean dishes, and ran a new load...colored with ayla

We just finished lunch (carl is STILL home sick from work!)
~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~~
I plan on going out for a jog after my food digests. I'll probably take ayla with me.. I should do 20 min. of Pilates too.

If I get bored, I'll drive out to drop off stuff at goodwill (last time they were 'full' again! grrr!!) Return a couple things at Target, and maybe head over to ralphs to pick up more baby wipes?
If Carl is up to it we'll return my shoes...

I also want to get the kitchen really clean, and organize my clothes..

My big goal for today is to start listing things on ebay.
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