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We recently bought Frontline Tick protection for our three cats. We have been buying it for years and recently found a place nearby that sold it for $13 less than what we were paying elsewhere for three doses.

A few weeks ago, my husband went to treat the cats and was surprised that when he opened the box of Frontline for Cats, the instructions read "Frontline for Dogs" - so he called Frontline to confirm that what he had was intended for cats (it was Sunday, the pet store where we got it was closed).

The Frontline customer service rep asked for the lot number on the box, and also on the actual packaging of the squeeze tube thingy - and the lot numbers DID NOT MATCH. We sent it back to Frontline with the receipt and they replaced it for us.

The rep. told my husband that their are a number of counterfeit Frontline products out there and to only by from our vet!

Please be careful where you buy Frontline, and make sure the lot numbers on the box match the lot numbers on the tubes. We could very well have killed our cats with either too large a dose, or God only knows what was in those tubes.
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