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Good morning!

Well, my day (and budget!) is all blown to bits. I had a sick kid last night, so no work for me today. Unless dh can get out early from his meetings and then I can go in for a few hours this afternoon. But I'm not holding my breath. And of COURSE I would have to miss work this month when EVERYTHING is due. Oh well, that's Murphy, right? No use stressing about it, I guess this would classify as a justifiable use for the emergency fund!

SO... My new plans are to get the remaining 2 kids off to school this morning. Then I think I will finish up any laundry around the house. And my main goal? Clean out the master closet. It is my dumping ground, it could almost be like a treasure hunt!

Wish me luck, and I'm hoping this flu bug is short-lived and doesn't pass on to anyone else!


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Vanessa~I hope he/she feels better soon!

Good morning everyone,

Well, I'm home too. I work in home health care and the client I work for on Mondays and Wednesday's is in the hospital ill. So no pay for me today.

On the list:

*General morning chores: Make beds, wash dishes and swipe the bathroom.

*I have enough clothes for a load, so I'll get that started.

*Start a small layaway at Kmart for Christmas

*Go to Trigger Time with dh. (shooting range)

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

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Well so far:

-swapped out some laundry this a.m.
-folded and put away laundry that came out of the dryer
-did some Wii Fit.

To Do:

-cook dinner (pesto chicken penne pasta--makes a second meal for the freezer!)
-do dishes
-do more laundry
-continue the cleanup of hubby and I's room
-Play candyland with Wesley
-do more WiiFit.

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I think today I am going to head into the office for a few hours to get some work done (goal 10:30-3:00).

I will be eating all of my meals at home and will bring left overs into work.

I need to try and get at least a 30 minute work out in today and would like to try and get over to the yoga studio for a class (maybe tonight).

Will possibly need to head over to the grocery store to get some ingredients for dinner tonight.

And that is my waste not Wednesday. It is storming here in Chicago today....and I would really love to stay home and watch a movie :dazed:

I guess they are filming a movie outside our condo building today...maybe I will sneak down and see if anybody famous is out there today

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Good morning everyone.

I sympathize with those of you who are missing out on work today. I had a migraine and stayed home yesterday and I keep thinking about the $$ that I lost. I'm hoping to pick up the time before month end!

I'm still dealing with headaches so I'm off to a slow start. :dazed:
I have a load of the kids' clothes sitting in the dryer getting wrinkled, but it will continue to sit until I get home at 4:30.

I did get the dishwasher set before I left- which feels like an accomplishment today :lol:

It won't be a no-spend day today as I have to put out some money for a fundraiser dinner on Friday, but it's for a good cause. I got my mid-month advance today so I'll be paying a few bills and whatnot tonight, but other than that I'm nursing my ongoing headache.
Oh yes, and the kids brought home head lice from school :ack: so I'll be sterilizing bed linens and towels again tonight.

Have a great day!
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