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Waste Not Wednesday, 12/22/10

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Good morning!

Wow, I'm exhausted! The kids had their Christmas concert last night at school. It was long, but they did great. After FINALLY getting them settled down and in bed, I started assembling teacher gifts and then gifts for my co-workers. Not to mention child specific items for each of their class parties today. Never a dull moment! I finally dropped in bed around 10:30, which is late for me.

So, today is work for me. Blah. What a waste to be open, imo. Nobody is focused, we just want the week to fly by! The kids have an early out of 2:00, so that means I'll get out of work early today to go get them. After school my friend invited my children and myself over to decorate Christmas cookies, and I stupidly agreed. Jeesh, as if I didn't have 100 other things to do before we leave on Friday morning!!!

Tonight I need to bake more caramels, mix up some gingerbread cookie dough for the kids to decorate when I'm at work on Thursday, and possibly some more hard candy. I also need to wrap about 10 more presents that I are hidden throughout the house! lol

Have a great day, everybody!!
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I have a busy day. First school with the kids (homeschool) which we are working on right now. Then, lunch and showers/baths. Then, off to the store. I have to go to the grocery store and also the kmart (or walmart if need be - or maybe the salvation army because I need picture frames. Then printing pictures to put IN the frames. Then wrapping. lots and lots of wrapping. Why do I always leave the wrapping to the last minute? I need to get all of this done today because we have a playdate with friends tomorrow, and we leave Christmas Eve for my inlaws house. So today's it. Is it possible to make a kid read faster? :)
Thank you for reminding me to pay my bills! It's so crazy this time of year, I forget even that!
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