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Here we go:

Frugal efforts for the day:
Friend taking ds to school,
Combine car trips out
Turn off all lights/plugs in the house (we installed a new meter which give us a readout in kw & Euro of how much electricity we burn)
Boil kettle & store in flask for my tea :tea:
Hang clothes to dry

Breakfast & wash up - done
Books with girls - done
Feed animals - done
Dress Bed - done
School run - done
Walk - done
Call to dad's - done

Dinner on in Crock Pot
Soup - Barley & Chicken soup with ginger & garlic
Clean downstairs bathroom
Laundry - 3 loads :laundry:
Girls home from school
pick up ds & friends kids to drop home

Wash up
Sweep floor in kitchen
Clear counters
Clean front door

Will see if I can get more done but if I get the above done I'll be happy :D

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Almost a no-spend day. DS needed some Polident to clean his new mouth appliance. It's the kind you can't use anything else. DH and I both still have all of our choppers (give or take a couple of crowns), so Polident was something we didn't have around. I also needed some lawn-waste bags. Our city requires them. :rolleyes-new:

Doing some laundry---lights and whites.

Vacuumed the downstairs

Knitting the rest of the day.

Have dinner in the crockpot (most of it).
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