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We discovered we should not be using the garden hose to fill the water jug. So we went out and picked up an RV water hose from Walmart for $12 CAD to do the job. Other than that, the system works great.

Hubby is reacting to all the dust and fumes from the renovation. This could get interesting. We will be airing things out as best we can every night. Hopefully it will not get too cold.

The freezer meals are holding up. Hubby and the boarder have lots to choose from for lunches, and I have lots to choose from for meals. We will see how long these 35 meals last! Tonight we are having Hawaiian Chicken cooked in the crock-pot, brown and wild rice cooked in the boarder's rice cooker, and a green salad.

It is forecast to freeze here tonight, so I started picking the patio garden yesterday. I have over two dozen tomatoes on the table in various stages of ripening. I spent last evening at a friend's drying my mint in her oven, and this afternoon drying parsley in another friend's oven. I need one more friend so I can dry my stevia! lol

Today I packaged up some of the parsley in small Tupperware spice containers as gifts, and some of the mint in tea bags for gifts. Will be using the rest myself! :)

As for the reno...the electricians are gone till next week when they come back to install a new electrical panel and lower the meter. The contractor and his co-worker are almost finished drywalling the kitchen. It is beginning to look like a real room again. :)

That's it for this week so far. Hope everyone is having a frugal week. :)
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