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Well, first on my agenda today is to drive up to the used car dealership and collect my cash because they sold dh's car! We are SO excited! He's only had it for a few days and it sold very quickly. He got the price we wanted and we can bulk our savings up again! I'm so happy! I did most of the chores yesterday, so most of today will be relaxing and reading my new James Patterson book, The Jester. I do need to sweep the floors and clean up the kitchen a bit, though.

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Wacky Wild Beautiful Welcome Wednesday.......

Wacky Wild Beautiful Welcome Wednesday.......
Today We are all under the weather with Colds. :ache: :ache: :ache:
I will be washing clothes.
I will declutter.
I will be dusting.
I will be cooking Spaghetti for Lunch.(Done)
I will be baking Chicken Legs for Dinner.
I will be drying the clothes.
I will be folding the clothes.
I will be cleaning the bathrooms. (Master bathroom done)
I will be cleaning the laundry room.
I will be cleaning the kitchen. (Done)
I will be making up dd bed. (Done)
I will be putting away the clean clothes.
I will be making a list of the things we need from the Grocery Store.
I will be making a list of the bills that are due to paid on this paycheck.
I will also be making a budget list for this month.
I hope Everyone has a Good Day today.

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Good morning! I got an early start today!

Shower, hair and face (2 out of 3 ain't bad :toothy: )
Changed sheets on 3 beds and crib
started laundry to wash 1 load reg. laundry and start sheets
vacuumed my room and DD's room
made breakfast for DD3 and I
made menu plan for the rest of the week

To Do:
Pay bills to mail on Saturday
mail DH letter
clip coupons
mop floors
list on ebay
clean out fridge
make a cake/dessert for dinner-maybe chocolate chip sour cream cake-YUM :chef: :cake:
read my book-I'm "Left behind" in this series. Finished Indwelling last night after it sat on my shelf for nearly 3 years :eek: I started "The Mark"
Spend 15 minutes in the basement decluttering
Make dinner

Breakfast: Toast and tea :coffee: DD had eggs
Lunch: Leftover ham and potato casserole
Dinner: Meatloaf/mashed potatoes from Hamburger Helper

Have a great day! It's dreary and cold here!

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Good morning!!
Its a pretty sunny day here
Going to finish laundry. my never ending saga!!
Got 2 shops 1 for gas and 1 home improvement
Hubby is going to BBQ chicken and I will make home fries to go with it.
Have a nice day!!

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dd is still home, have a few dishes to wash from last nights ice cream, floors and some laundry..... dh is going to mow and start on the yards....... :D Have a great day ladies !

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Good afternoon ladies!Wow today has been busy!Lauren spent the night at my sil's so i'm able to get a lot done while Cannon is asleep.He woke me up bright and early this morning.We are potty training,and to my surprise he is doing pretty good.Anywho getting ready for his birthday party Sat. I still need to wrap his gifts.i've allready wased all sheets,vaccumed my couch,vac living room top to bottom including the lamp shades,dishes cleaned kitchen,another load of laundry.All I have left to do is my grocery list and weed eat the yard.Have a great day!

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I'm still waking up :eek:
Well trying too at least...

I have only eaten breakfast, gotten ayla fed, made dh's lunch and that's about it.

I have SO much I want to get done, but I know I can't do it all..

After I get ayla and myself ready (shower,diaper changing etc*done*...), I want to:

Drop stuff off at Goodwill
Check out the mall for a certain pair of shoes I need
Shop at Albertsons and Raley's
Take ayla to the Park
go for a walk with her in the jogging stroller *Done*
Deposit my checks (from surveys and rebates)
Do some major house cleaning
Invite neighbor over to do yoga
Do yoga myself if she doesn't
Water flowers/clean my ears 3 times/ drop letter in mailbox
Do laundry/dishes
Clean my desk off
CLean out and organize my fridge
Cook Ham for dinner

Ok, i'm going to get off my duff, shower and hope to get at least half of my list done today ;)

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Showered, shaved, shampooed
Son ready for school
DH ready for work
Made a few phone calls
mailed bills
job interview
loaded dishwasher
still have laundry

Long day for me.
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