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What a good episode! I was on the edge of my seat (as usual with this show).

How did Michael know that that was a fake Cooper Green? I do like the real Cooper Green.

Do you think the warden has the original copy of the tape?

I'm still on the fence about whether Killerman was friend or foe? But do you think he's going to take out the prison team or the president? I've lost track of how any people he's killed since joining up with our prison gang.

Mr. Kim: Ewww! He just plain creeps me out. They always show a close up of his face & with those pink/orange tinted lips, Ewww! I can't stand him & am looking forward to him getting his own justice.

T-Bag: I was wondering why he was talking to the therapist. I thought maybe it was a long lost relative or something. And how crazy was it that he & Bellick are on the same flight? I almost fell off the bed! They have got to bump into each other when they're coming off the plane.

I tell you, these guys are so tough. I mean, who knew that Michael had it in him when he popped the fake Cooper Green? Wow!
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