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Went to my fav. thrift store today

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and hit the jackpot!

Oldest dd is plus-sized. When we stopped at Salvation Army today, all their clothing was 1/2 off. Someone in her size must have recently donated clothing. I found:
2 C.J. Banks pants
2 Jones New York Sport velour pants
1 Cato blouse
1 Lane Bryant pants
2 St. Johns Bay long sleeve t-shirts
9 other plus-sized tops
2 other plus-sized pants
1 plus-sized fleece jacket

Also found:
1 pair of mens Dockers dress pants
1 Arizona brand jeans for teen boys
1 pair of teen boys Levis
1 pair of Roundtree & York men's cords
1 pair of men's jeans
1 pair of shoes for ds (8)
1 audiobook for dh
2 vidoes for the kids
3 books for dd
1 pair knit leggings for dd#2
1 teen boys Adidas brand coat
1 large toy airplane for youngest sons to play with
2 hats

and paid $40.75 total!

Everything was in great condition. Some of the tops for oldest dd looked like they had never been worn. It's rare to find clothing for her secondhand. This will take her through this year and next, hopefully.
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awesome buys!!! that is a great day thrifting! i love when i find stuff that hasnt been worn....
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