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It may be a bit early just the new year will be here in no time, so what are your goals for 2007 and how do you plan to accomplish them?

Here's mine:

~ No more CC use, shredder here I come!
~ Save, Save, Save, I want to continue saving even if it means no fun!
~ Pay extra towards the mortgage come 6/2007
~ Go to the library more
~ Lower the bills
~ Go to Church more even if it means going on Wednesdays at 7pm
~ Buy no-frills or store brand items (a name is just a name, right?)
~ Work hard on my goals and set goals for my children
~ Save an pay for a vacation with CASH!

These are alot of goals, but with determination and the wonderful supporters here on FV I am sure it's attainable :)

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My 2007 goal is to save $5000, part for EF and part into my Roth IRA. I haven't quite decided the split yet.

Tracy I like your goal of paying for a vacation in cash. DH and I did that, we went to Hawaii in 2005. It took us a year to save for it but it was a great feeling not going into any debt for it.

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I haven't set all my goals yet, but the biggie is to become debt free except for the mortgage in 2007.

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My #1 goal is to pay off both CC's this coming year. I want to be debt free except for our mortgage & car payment. Once the CC's are paid off I want to save, save, save! We are doing ok with our saving right now, but we'll have alot more to invest once the CC's are paid off.

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The big goals I have are to save, loose weight, and come closer to being a full time artist. I have a 4 year goal for that last one.
We have just 2 pamys left on our car. Our C.C. have less than $400 on them.
I'd love to save about $5000 into our "special " savings acct.
Last year we save $300 for our trip to Mexico and I was a wonderful feeling paying cash for that.
My last goal is to loose 5 lbs. I think that is doable if I can lay off the bread so much.

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my goals are:
get the money in order
pay off as much as i can
make double payments on truck
stop shopping so much!

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Pay off truck 4000
Pay off car 2900
Pay off all credit cards 10000

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Our 2007 Resolutions:

~Pay off all cc debt
~Save money in ING account each week
~Get house painted
~Get carpet put in master bedroom
~Track expenses all year

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2007 Goals:

-start and fund IRA accounts for me and hubby
-make double payments on jeep
-fund our holiday to Italy in cash-hotel, flight AND spending money
-watch less tv

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well, my goals for 2006 went right out the window due to DH pay situation, now that is all resolved and we are back on an even footing hopefully we can accomplish a few things in 2007!

- get the 2 smaller bills payed off sdo we can start to snowball the bigger stuff.
- get a baby EF funded
- reduce heating, electric, grocery and phone bills further.
- be more organised for special occasions and in day to day home stuff.
- really stick to budgets!
-set monthly goals and stick to them

next year is going to be busy, we have 3 weddings in england to attend, a christening in January and Ciaras communion in May, plus we have been offered the use of an apartment in spain for a few days for free - just need to pay for flights ( not so sure whether we will do this one though)

so my goals towards these are to
- hit the sales in January to get outfits for us all - I already have Ciaras communion dress so just need shoes and hair stuff ( she will be able to double the communion dress as a bridesmaid dress as well with a few alterations which will save my SIL money).
- get wedding presents in the sales.
- start a special savings account for these occasions separatly and save my change towards travel and accomodation.
- DH has lots of hotel travel points so i need to book accomodation for the weddings using these.
- pay a good chunk in Jan and feb towards the communion dinner so its all paid for by may.

personal goals for me
- lose 10 lb and keep it off
- get into a better exersise routine
- look after myself better
-find a way to earn abit extra towards bills

well thats it for the moment

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Here's my stuff:

1. Fund bEF to $1000.
2. Make a budget before the month begins & stick to it.
3. Get serious about my debt, CCs paid off by June 2007.
4. Get serious about my health, need to make doctor appts., dentist, dermatlogist, etc.
5. Set monthly goals & then charge after them.
6. Get exercise routine & start working out.
7. Take better care of myself.
8. Continue lowering utility bills.
9. Find a new church home.
10. Tithe weekly.
11. Chore chart for kids & commissions.
12. Use my envelope system.
13. House remodeled except for basement.
14. After CCs are paid off, attack SUV payments.
15. Keep car clean.
16. Spend time with family, especially those not able to get out or get around on their own.
17. Start shopping early for birthdays & Xmas.
18. Eat healthier.
19. Continue to declutter until house is clutter-free.
20. Pray more.

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Well, this off the top of my head:

1. Pay off credit cards, my last debts -- one by mid-January, second by July (they are at 0% interest until then).
2. Build EF to six months, which feels essential in my situation, even if I have to forego extra retirement contributions and the tax break for all or part of the year
3. Work diligently at my moonlighting editing job -- boring, but I have a lot waiting to be done and it is $$ for #1 & 2
4. Cook more ambitiously and start baking bread again; eat more vegetarian meals; stockpile intelligently and use it when I have it
5. Make more time for reading and meditation

That should be more than enough to keep me busy and focused if I can see it through!

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My 2007 goals are to:
-lose 20 lbs
-lower blood pressure by reducing stress levels
-use only cash (doing so since July 2006)
-add $1200 to EF
-max out 401k
-reduce joint home-improvement loan to $5K
-add $500/month extra on mortgage after CC is paid
-help encourage DH snowballing by finding him more jobs on
-purchase organization bins for home and business bills/receipts before filing
-replace disgusting bedroom carpets with wood floors
-attend cousin's wedding in St. Croix
-buy a nice TV or computer (family has been begging for 5 years)
-spend more time with my family by organizing family outings from Jan-Dec

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For 2007:

:jar: Financial
Finish funding full EF for a total of $10,000.00 (Sept. 07)
Aquire no new debt
Reduce morgage down to $55,000.00 or less
Continue investing in 401k/403b's
Invest minimum of $1500.00 in mutual funds

:nurse: Health
Quit smoking
Consistantly excersizing 3 to 4 times a week by the end of the year
(By the last three months this should be consistantly happening at least 80% of the time)
Be able to jog 1 mile without stopping
Drop weight yo 149lbs.

:laundry: Home
Complete at least 2 projects in addition to general upkeep per month

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I've been giving this quite a bit of though over the past couple of weeks. I know that they reason I'm not further along with my debt pay down for 2006 is that I didn't have clear goals mapped out so here we go.

Financial Goals:

1. Pay off 2 Credit Cards.
2. Pay off Car Loan (This will be an easy goal as the loan will naturally be paid off in August)
3. Pay Cash for $600 car repair.
4. Save $1000 for Vacation so I can pay cash.
5. Begin sinking fund for pet expenses. (Beginning with $25 a pay check.)
6. Begin sinking fund for misc expenses. (Beginning with $20 a pay check.)
7. Stick with budget.
8. No use of credit cards.
9. No bounced check or late fees.

Non-financial goals:

1. Loose 5-10 lbs.
2. Read 1-2 books a month.
3. Pare down the clothes I still have. (I have so much that I never wear that is just cluttering up the place.)
4. Make a decision about whether or not I'm going back to school.

I'm sure there will be more added along the way.

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1. Reduce clutter
2. Take more pictures
3. Eat better
4. Work on 30 mins of exercise each day
5. Get back to school.

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My goals for 2007,
1) pay off our one credit card, should be paid off the first of the year with tax return.
2) pay off our smallest loan of $1050
3) cut our other loan in half
4)put atleast $100 a week into savings
5) loose 15-20lbs

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My goals for 2007 include:
~paying down debt
~adding more $$$ to EF
~saving for vacation (paying for it with cash!)
~sticking to monthly budget
~finishing my Associates Degree and start my working on my Bachelors Degree
~Spending more time with DH
~Spending more time with my boys
~Exercising more....have gotten lazy about exercising
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