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bottle hair spray
8 lg bags m&m's
8 snickers Easter eggs
2 Biore facial scrubs
1 Luster whitening toothpaste
travel size deodorant
chips and salsa at Chili's
Orville popcorn bowl
stayfree pads

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Free lunch at work Prime Rib with all the fixings
a sample of dog food , tennis ball,measuring tape,Frisbee,hot dog,chips,soda,candy , pop corn,balloons note book and pen at a open house
coupon inserts

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6 T-shirts
2 pairs of slacks
2 blankets
2 baby floaty toys
3 beach towels
2 bath towels
10 books
preschooler puzzle
paint scraper
box fan

A rental house a few streets away was evicted a month or so ago, and the owners were throwing things that were left behind away this weekend. If I would have known they were going to throw it all into a giant dumpster, I would have grabbed a heck of a lot more.

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Petersen's 4Wheel and Off road magazine
Truckin' magazine
Bowhunter America magazine
Flying magazine
Motor Trend magazine
Outside Magazine
Soap Opera digest
Oxy face wash sample
Oxy clearing treatment sample
Jet magazine
Outside magazine(2)
Soap Opera digest(2)
Opera News magazine
Motor boating magazine
sailing world magazine
Horse & rider magazine
ebony magazine
clinique mascara
Plant food sample
flower seed packet
sugar sample
soap opera digest(3)
Jet magazine(2)
Newsweek magazine
Esquire magazine
Cover girl foundation
cover girl lipstick
Uncle Ben's rice
Semi-homemade magazine
81 - 85 of 85 Posts
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