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2 gals milk
2 lcd pocket size flashlights
sample head and shoulders shampoo
sample head and shoulders conditioner
flat tire :(
1 glad trash bag, sample from Sam's
rebate check for 10.99
travel size Olay body wash
container homemade baked beans
travel size dove for men body wash
2 boxes, 8pkgs in each, lance crackers
2ltr coke
appetizer at Chili's
sample Aveeno shampoo and conditioner
ground coffee sample from Dunkin donuts, makes 4 cups
100 return address labels
2 pkg mentos gum
Off brand clip-on bug repellant
4 GE light bulbs
aluminum reusable water bottle
12 notecards w/envelopes
purse size calendar for 2010/11
pocket size nutrition book
slinky toy
reusable mini tote bag
meatballs, for the 3 of us for dinner
friend sent me a huge bottle of REAL maple syrup
travel size clean and clear facial cleanser
can Swiffer dust and shine

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mail just came.
free stayfree sample and q
free q for tressemee product
coupnon envie from train im on.
my xmas games rebate came in! gonna use that to help roll some ecb!!

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A Large double mocha cappucino from a local chain of gas stations which gives away free coffee everytime the Spurs win a play-off game.

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Last freebies of the month. Last night I got three free body washes with buy one get one free coupons. Samples of Pantene, bounce, cascade and prilosec.

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I did manage to pick up a few more things for free for April:
5. travel size conditioner using cpn
6. spray body mist on clearance using cpn
7. travel size razors using cpn
8. lunch from a df
9. cpn inserts from same df
10. sample and cpns of 7th generation dish soap
11. vitamin water using free cpn
12. Sunchips using free cpn
13. 7 cans dog food using cpns

That's a little better, but still not really an average month. I need to work harder.

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Just remembered - i got 2 pairs of free sneaker socks at the soccer conference too!!

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To finish off my month we got:

*2 - 24 packages of Stayfree
*6 Reach toothbrushes
*2 Tone body wash
*1Softsoap body wash
*1 dozen Costco muffins
*1 roll packaging tape
*2 CoverGirl mascara
*2 VitaWaters
*2 McCormick garlic powders
*2 Skitimate shaving cream
*Sample of Dunkin' Donuts coffee
*2 boxes of Oreos
*4 Boxes of Triscuits
*Box of Honeymaid
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