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~post it Pop up notes sample
~post it flags sample
~another 5lb Nutro dog food
~another 4lb Nutro cat food
~sliced ham from my mom
~lunch bought by mom
~ravioli casserole made by mom, brought home HUGE bowl of leftovers

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2 Post it's samples
face moisturizer
Swiffer duster
1 lb bacon
2 sets of toothbrushes and floss
flossers again
2 pkgs gum
Lipstick and lip balm
foundation makeup
another facial moisturizer
4 pk of Sobe
stickers for kids
2 pencils
battery operated fan

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dog food sample
dog treat sample
four full size products from Good Housekeeping reader panel
spice rub sample
mouthwash sample

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Small packet of Daily Moisturizer for use after sunbed tanning.
Yummy kiwi/pear fragrance. It sells for about $7 at the salon.

And leftover bottles of tanning lotions once I pick which Id like to start using LOL.

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FREE 5 lb bag of any Natural Choice dog food :paw:

FREE 4 lb bag of any Natural Choice complete Care cat food :cat:

these coupons don't expire until 08/31/06

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Degree deodorant
Victoria Secret Very Sexy lotion and cologne
Spiral Plant Stand


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frugalnana said:
Andrea your pet is so beautiful. Has a shiny coat.
Thanks frugalnana :)

mommymath said:
Adorable doggie, Andrea!!
Thanks Annie :)

That is a pic of the "baby" she is sitting on an old couch cushion pillow that's kinda flat I keep trying to get rid of it but they still want it to sit/sleep on eventhough they have a doggie bed pillow too :confused: :paw: Keona :paw: she is a real cry baby! If I leave her home w/DH she either hides upstairs sleeping on her Winnie the Pooh bean bag chair I bought on clearance before CALDOR went outta business I think it was $3(she's had this since she's been a baby puppy, always slept in it either in the SUV or living room it's getting really flat too I got her another one from the thrift shop in a Disney print design but to her it's not the same :confused: or sits by the front door waiting until I get back, she doesn't go near him. He says yeah she wants nothing to do w/me she only wants her 2 mommies (Me & Samantha) Since we got her when she was 8 weeks old she always thought of Samantha as her mommy! I attached a harness 2 both of them & then a leash to both harnesses connecting them to each other & Samantha walked Keona around the yard since she was tiny & could fit in between broken fence posts!

I have a pic of this I gave DH years ago he has on his desk @ work! When I figure out how to use my HP printer/scanner to scan pics in that show up, I've tried to but never saw the pic :( I'll post the pics!

I give them my egg yolks from the hard boiled eggs, sometimes make them scrambled eggs too! Also from Ma's eggs when she was having them for breakfast!

They eat very healthy! Samantha is quite picky she won't eat her dog food until she gets something else from me (people food whatever we're having for dinner) or she'll just pick @ her food & then later on @ night when she gets hungry is after the girlz go out for the last tiime of the night between 11 PM - 12 AM if there is food left in her bowl she'll eat then!

They don't beg but know if there's something left when I'm done I'll give it to them!

I have to give her a can of dog food along w/her crunchies (dry food) but I have to ask her if she wants a C A N spelling it out since all 3 of them already understand can, crunchies, eat, dinner & she takes her time eating, sometimes she only wants to eat crunchies, but :paw: Keona :paw: she is a hoover & :paw: Ginger :paw: Ma's dog eats like a shop vac DH says. I have to feed them all separate since less chance of arguments or any fights :eek:

Now they are both sitting by the fridge waiting for bacon since I got those ready cooked strips by Jimmy Dean on a MGR special for a lot cheaper than what Beggin Strips or any other doggie treats would cost. I eat them by themselves & give them a few.

Keona misses Ma alot since she hasn't been living here since the day after Christmas :tree: when she went to the hospital!
She'd go visit her, help her finish some of her meals & loved licking the yogurt containers when Ma was done! Sometimes cuddle w/her in bed too, Ma was suprised! Now Keona will walk into Ma's room & jump on her bed to look out the window when she hears me in the driveway before I get to the door.

Ma was always happy w/both of my :paw: girlz :paw: but especially "the baby" yep! she called Keona that & never knew how gentle she was @ taking food from you....she just opens her mouth & you can drop it in or she'll just grab it, not like snatching it away from ya! Yet somehow Samantha almost nips you w/her teeth.

How gentle Keona can be while waiting for DH @ work I had some RITZ crackers in the EXPY & was :hungry: so I started eating some & gave my 2 :paw: girlz :paw: some then tried something different just holding part of the cracker in my mouth w/Keona sitting next to me, sitting on the middle console I told her to gently take the cracker from my mouth & she did! :thumb:

I'm not going to try any crazy stunts like DH friend made Samantha jump up to get a dog treat from his mouth years ago & she was gentle too!

Something I could never teach Samantha was to crawl, it never worked, she'd just get up & walk towards me & "the baby" does this all the time in bed w/us crawling under the blankets :sly:

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:csign: A coupon postcard from COLDSTONE CREAMERY for a FREE t-shirt that says FRIENDS DON'T LET FRIENDS EAT GROCERY STORE ICE CREAM

You have to buy an EVERYBODY'S SIZE TO GO 48 OZ. & they give you the FREE T-SHIRT! :cheergrl:

:stir: customize your family's favorites :ice:

This offer is also listed on there website where you can print the coupon :lip:

I have never tried there ice cream before but lucklily it's really close by & in the same shopping center as MICHAEL'S, so no wasting gas to get there :thumb: & usually in my daily travel path :)

I don't really eat ice cream since lots of them contain CARRAGEENAN :yikes: & I get a carrageenen-induced tummy ache and intestinal discomfort :(

I also found out CARRAGEENAN is in lots of food even some milk :eek: I bought my brother LACTAID when he had stomach problems before he died of adeno-carcinoma!

It's very frustrating going grocery shopping & reading all the labels when you're in a hurry I bought one of my usual brands that didn't contain any CARRAGEENAN & this other formula of there soy product contained it, so I called them up & they sent me a FREE coupon to buy the other product I love :)


Some folks can eat just about anything. Some people might
have no problem producing a tall glass of homemade soymilk,
then converting it to chocolate milk by adding the
following ingredients: Three teaspoons of sugar. One
teaspoon of chocolate powder. Two tablespoons of Vaseline
petroleum jelly. The Vaseline might produce gastric
distress, and the soymilk drinkers would erroneously
conclude that they are "allergic" to soy. Some people
do not experience gastric discomfort caused by the
Vaseline-like food additive, carrageenan. Many people do.

Carrageenan is a commonly used food additive that is
extracted from red seaweed by using powerful alkali
solvents. These solvents would remove the tissues
and skin from your hands as readily as would any acid.

Carrageenan is a thickening agent. It's the vegetarian
equivalent of casein, the same protein that is isolated
from milk and used to thicken foods. Casein is also
used to produce paints, and is the glue used to hold
a label to a bottle of beer. Carrageenan is the magic
ingredient used to de-ice frozen airplanes sitting on
tarmacs during winter storms.


Carrageenan is about as wholesome as monosodium glutamate
(MSG), which is extracted from rice, and can equally be
considered natural. Aspartame (NutraPoison) is also natural,
as it is extracted from decayed plant matter that has been
underground for millions of years (oil). So too are many
other substances such as carrageenan that can also be
classified by FDA and USDA as wholesome and natural
food additives.

Just because something comes from a natural source does
not mean that it is safe. The small black dots in the
eyes of potatoes contain substances that are instantly
fatal if eaten. Got poison? You will if you eat the
black dots on the "eyes" of potatoes.

Carrageenan is a gel. It coats the insides of a stomach,
like gooey honey or massage oil. Digestive problems often
ensue. Quite often, soy eaters or soymilk drinkers react
negatively to carrageenen, and blame their discomforting
stomachaches on the soy.

High weight molecular carrageenans are considered to be safe,
and were given GRAS status (safe for human consumption) by
the FDA. Low weight carrageenans are considered to be
dangerous. Even SILK admits this.

In order to get more information about carrageenan from
a scientist, I spoke with one of America carrageenan
experts, Joanne Tobacman, M.D. Dr. Tobacman teaches
clinical internal medicine at the University of Iowa
College of Medicine. I explained to Dr. Tobacman that
I rejected animal studies (we discussed valid concerns
about animal research, and why they never produce
reliable results for humans). I requested evidence of
human trials that might show carrageenan to be a
danger for human consumption.

Dr. Tobacman shared studies with me that demonstrate that
digestive enzymes and bacterial action convert high weight
carrageenans to dangerous low molecular weight carrageenans
and poligeenans in the human gut. These carrageenans
have been linked to various human cancers and digestive
disorders. Again, I remind you that Tobacman's evidence
and conclusions are based upon human tissue samples,
not animal studies.

I will cite additional information from four studies:

1) Filament Disassembly and Loss of Mammary Myoepithelial
Cells after Exposure to Carrageenan, Joanne Tobacman,
Cancer Research, 57, 2823-2826, July 15, 1997

2) Carrageenan-Induced Inclusions in Mammary Mycoepithelial
Cells, Joanne Tobacman, MD, and Katherine Walters, BS,
Cancer Detection and Prevention, 25(6): 520-526 (2001)

3) Consumption of Carrageenan and Other Water-soluble
Polymers Used as Food Additives and Incidence of
Mammary Carcinoma, J. K. Tobacman, R. B. Wallace, M. B.
Zimmerman, Medical Hypothesis (2001), 56(5), 589-598

4) Structural Studies on Carrageenan Derived Oligisaccharides,
Guangli Yu, Huashi Guan, Alexandra Ioanviciu, Sulthan
Sikkander, Charuwan Thanawiroon, Joanne Tobacman, Toshihiko
Toida, Robert Linhardt, Carbohydrate Research, 337 (2002),

In her 1997 publication (1), Tobacman studied the effect
of carrageenan on the growth of cultured human mammary
epithelial cells over a two week period. She found that
extremely low doses of carrageenan disrupted the internal
cellular architecture of healthy breast tissue, leading
her to conclude:

"The widely used food additive, carrageenan has
marked effects on the growth and characteristics
of human mammary myoepithelial cells in tissue
cultures at concentrations much less than those
frequently used in food products to improve

Tobacman continued her work by exposing low concentrations
of carrageenan for short intervals to human breast tissue
(2), and observed pathological alterations in cellular
membranes and intracellular tissues. Tobacman wrote:

"These changes included prominence of membrane-
associated vesicles that coalesced to form unusual
petal-like arrays...and development of stacked
rigid-appearing inclusions in the lysosomes that
arose from the membranes of the petal-like arrays
and from smaller, dense spherical bodies that
formed clumps."

In reporting a historical perspective, Tobacman
revealed that carrageenan has been found to
destroy other human cells in tissue cultures,
including epithelial intestinal cells and
prostate cells. She concludes:

"The association between exposure to low
concentrations of carrageenan in tissue
culture and destruction of mammary
myoepithelial cells may be relevant to
the occurrance of invasive mammary
malignancy in vivo and provides another
approach to investigation of mammary

Tobacman's third paper (3) explored the increased
incidence of mammary carcinoma to the increased
consumption of stabilizers and additives such as
guar gum, pectin, xanthan, and carrageenan. While
no relationship between the either above named
additives and cancer was observed, carrageenan
showed a strong positive.

Although high molecular weight carrageenans are
considered to be safe, Tobacman demonstrates that
low molecular weight carrageenans are carcinogenic.
She writes:

"Acid hydrolysis (digestion) leads to shortening
of the carrageenan polymer to the degraded form,
poligeenan. It is not unreasonable to speculate
that normal gastric acid...may act upon ingested
carrageenan and convert some of which is ingested
to the lower molecular weight poligeenan during
the actual process of digestion. Also, some
intestinal bacteria possess the enzyme
carrageenase that degrades carrageenan."

Tobacman's 2002 publication (4) proves her earlier
hypothesis. She writes:

"Mild-acid hydrolytic depolymerization of
carrageenan affords poligeenan, a mixture of
lower molecular weight polysaccharides and
oligosaccharide products."

Tobacman is currently preparing and characterizing
low molecular weight poligeenans (carcinogenic)
that have been extracted from human digestion
modalities. Her yet-to-be published data suggest
that carrageenans are dangerous for human consumption.

My advice: Read labels. If there is carrageenan
in a product, select an alternative.

This morning, I checked my local supermarket (ShopRite,
Emerson, NJ) to see which soymilk manufacturers added
carrageenan to their formulas.


The largest selling soymilk in America is SILK.
Do I pick on the industry leader? Damned right I
do. SILK sets the standard. You deserve to know the
truth. Just for the record, when SILK changes
their formula they will become my hero. In my
opinion, SILK tastes better than any of the
commercially available soymilks. Unfortunately,
consumers sacrifice good health for good taste.
That is not a fair trade, particularly for
our children.

SILK uses carrageenan. SILK plain, SILK chocolate.
SunSoy also uses carrageenan. Hershey's real chocolate
is not so real. They use it too. So does Nesquik.


VitaSoy does not have carrageenan! they use barley flower
as a thickener. 8th Continent does not use carrageenan
either. Their choice is to use cellulose gel and soy
lecithin to create a smoother soymilk.


On the shelf (non-refrigerated), I found Rice Dream.
They do not use carrageenan. They use xantham gum.
Soy Dream (made by Imagine Foods) does not use it
either. Their emulsifier is rice syrup. Eden Soy
does not use it. They use barley extract.

Do a little experiment. Drink a quart of SILK.
Pay careful attention to your carrageenen-induced
tummy ache and intestinal discomfort. Many consumers
unfairly blame that on soy. Now you know the truth.
Drink a quart of VitaSoy, 8th Continent, Soy Dream,
or Eden Soy, and you will not get the garrageenan-blues.

Why do some manufacturers "get it," while others
remain clueless?


Robert Cohen author of: MILK A-Z
Executive Director ([email protected])
Dairy Education Board


Do you know of a friend or family member with one or more of these milk-related problems? Do them a huge favor and forward the URL or this entire file to them.

Do you know of someone who should read these newsletters? If so, have them send an empty Email to [email protected] and they will receive it (automatically)!

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Um since I wont be tanning anymore this week (seeing that its Thursday evening) nor over the weekend - all my April Sunbed tanning was free!!! :clap:

But for May when I need to go to maintain it - I have to buy the monthly pkg :lol: its ok - I tanned for 2.5 wks in April so far - thats a bargain if you ask me!

AND a gf just dropped off her past 3 issues of a trendy magazine for me to read. Talk about recycling - I love it! Didnt have to pay for the subscription :laugh: but then again I gave her some of my old ones in return.

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Degree deodorant
Victoria Secrets Sexy for Her


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-2 samples of lacoste's perfume touch of pink
-full sze bottle of sunsilk conditioner(they chose me as a product tester)
-8lb bag of iams dog food
-myoflex sample
-bar of specialty fruit soap
-fries, onion petals, and an ice tea from arby's
-4 huggies samples
-8 shopping bags of kids clothes, some for Emily and the rest will go to the kids I babysit
-2 denim shirts from a neighbour
-8 jars of heinz baby food
-from a friend -pkg bread crumbs
-jar of hot sauce
-4L vinegar
-2 boxes pudding
-10 freezies
-dove deodorant
-speedstick deodorant
-2 rolls toilet paper
-pkg hair dye
-1.5L mouthwash
-4 pkgs cheerios snack mix
-2 bags microwave popcorn
-4 jello cups
-4 koolaid sport juice boxes
-box crystal light juice mix
-2 boxes lipton onion soup mix
-1 box lipton chicken noodle soup mix
-jumbo box honey nut cheerios
-can of nabob coffee
-2L cranberry cocktail
-1 single serve tomato juice
-2 single serve pineapple juice
-bag of cookies
-1.36L can of tomato juice

-sample of downy whitening
-2 samples of the new lacoste perfume, touch of sun
-coupon for free 2lb bag of purina one cat food
-coupon for free bottle of herbal essences shampoo
-coupon for free 4-pack of sobe arush
-4 digital cameras from koolaid get stuff program(had to pay the shipping though)
-baby swing from freecycle
-huge potted peace lily from my mom
-4 free cones from DQ, kids signed up for the kids club
-2 $5 giftcard from sportmart
-2 sheets of address labels from peta
-2 samples from oil of olay
-1 sheet of stickers from peta
-dvd on circus animal cruelty from peta
-pr of winnie the pooh rain boots(freecycle)
-lord of thr rings and the hobbit books(freecycle)
-buzz and woody toys(freecycle)
-3 tier hanging basket(freecycle)

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Well heck I am way behind most of you folks ; ) Anyway I am a learning. This month I have recieved:

Kraft Cookbook, (its a magazine with lovely pictures beside each recipe)

Signed up for some other things I have been learning about here.

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