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$5 Darden restaurant card
1 loaf bread...BOGO
2 bag chips...BOGO
1 bottle olive oil...BOGO
P&G sample pkg...shampoo, pad, hmm..can't remember...a few more things were in it
gallon milk
2 Clinque face moisturizers
$10 Penneys coupon
Arbys free mozarella sticks
Arbys free Roast Beef
Head & Shoulders samples shampoo and conditioner
sample Kashi granola bar
bottle olive oil BOGO
bag Ore Ida french fries BOGO
2 Green Giant steam fresh veggies BOGO
bag salad mix BOGO
2 lbs spaghetti BOGO
2 cans tomatoes BOGO
bottle Crisco oil BOGO
tube mascara

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5 tooth brushes
1 box of all detergent 31 loads
work gloves
plastic gloves
scrub brush
clothes pins
dish liquid
1 bucket
1 free blizzard
1 free movie rental

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2 - 2oz bottles of Aveeno lotion
2 - Rimmel eye shadows
2 - Neutrogena bar soaps (original formula, clear bar)

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a sample kashi granola bar
free nutragena soap
free dove soap

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My mother was doing a clear out of her jewellery and passed on a lot of lovely pieces to me. This was especially brilliant considering I had virtually no jewellery left at all.

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can of Ocean Spray sparkling juice
sample Downy unstopables
sample Shout wipe and go
sample Honey nut cheerios
one sheet return address labels
sample oatmeal squares cereal
sample l'oreal face cream
full size hair spray
full size conditioner
bottle-60ct-fish oil supplements
trail size fish oil supplements
trial size head and shoulders shampoo
2 trial size Clinique moisturizer
2-6pks toilet paper
2 rolls paper towels
sample Garnier shampoo
sample Burberry fragrance
trial size Cascade tablets
trail size Suave body wash
trial size suave dry shampoo
trial size suave body lotion
lasagna, enough for 3 meals
peanut butter to-go
month supply vitamins

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WoW! I am really behind in my posting. Here is my list:

Lunch and coupon inserts from a df

coupon for free Pantene

Coupon for free yogurt

Free body wash from CVS Minute Clinic

Free candy bar from CVS (Caramello sold out)

Free pkg of CVS band-aids

Free gift card with prescription

Free sample Kashi granola bar and coupon (mail)

Free salad coupon

2 Free $10 Gas cards from CVS with purchases

Free pair of sandals after sale & coupon with purchase

$10 JC Penney coupon

That's all up until about last Thursday/Friday. Now I need to sit and think and write what I can remember thru yesterday!

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OK - Now to finish up August freebies:
Lunch and coupon inserts from df

Free Ore-Ida fries; Free Ore-Ida Sweet Potato Fries (coupons)

Free Kashi full-size cereal (coupon); Free Jiff-to-go (coupon)

2 free jars Skippy peanut butter (BOGO and coupons)

Free McD large diet Coke (coupon)

Free Wednesday paper from paper guy (don't know why, but thank you)

I think that does it.
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