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What did you get free in July 2020

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THought I'd start us off. On Sunday some neighbors I hadn't really met yet stopped by to offer me free stuff because they are moving (trying to escape confusion and stressed people...I guess they are moving to Mars?)

They offered up many things but I said only what others couldn't use and what I really could use.
Free outdoor rocker, needs some bolts tightened. Already used it.
Free metal roofing/siding. Hauled it up to the pallet pile so I can make a chicken jail (where chickens with questionable habits are kept to see if they straighten up or if it's possible egg peckers and egg hiders)

Free treated wood posts! Nice.
A round post. They put it in when I wasn't looking. I'll find a use for it or burn it
An antique milk can full of hardware bits and bobs! I offered to pay but they said "nope" so I said THANK YOU.
I showed up with some homemade treats and they seemed to like that.
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well most of my free stuff goes back from my mom and me. she gave me british mags which I will pass on to neighbour after I read, couple cans of tuna, a shirt which she got cheap..which I will pass on...not my style..she just bought it on clearance at winners (like ross) when it opened for the sake of buying something so she doesn't care. got tea and choc from my sister she didn't want. dh got a tiny end of year gift couple of snacks and alcohol water drink. she also gave me some books too.

think she gave me cookies too for the sister buys her stuff or too much so she gives it to the kids. the family circle lol
Yes we are always trading things back and forth . forgot cus I just saw it..dh bought home a petunia hanging basket from work..leftover from grad so hung in the lilac bush now.
mom bought another shirt she doesn't like so gave to ds..mens tshirt. said the colour looked different in store..clearance so can't take back grey. plus canned cat food her cats don't want now.
got 6 free hotdog buns w bakery coupon of the month ..just had to buy loaf of bread
1 - 4 of 22 Posts
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