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-$5 bill I found in the parking lot(put it in my change jar)
-full size bottle of herbal essences shampoo($4.69 value)
-waterproof case for my digital camera($16.98 value)
-pr of shorts, 2 t-shirts, pr of capris for Emily from a friend
-orange julius drink(B1G1F coupon, mom bought hers and I used my coupon for mine)
-computer program from winplosion($10 value)
-splash computer game($19.99 value)
-sample of ultra sunlight HE
-pr of brand new capris for Emily, tags on still($12.98 value)
-sweater and dress for 16 yr old from friend
-2 dresses and 2 prs shorts for Emily from a friend
-4 metal plant buckets
-sample whiskas wet cat food
-2 samples tylenol ultra relief
-2lbs hamburger from neighbour
-a 8x8 cake, a friend was practicing decorating and brought it over for my kids
-300 koolaid pts
-coupon for a free pkg of whiskas wet food
-$10 in my kidsfutures acct from pampers gifts to grow
-$5 check for a survey
-sample bottle of perfume from the bay
-8 facial samples from Mario badescu
-2 more coupons for free bags of whiskas kitten food
-4 t-shirts for dd
-7 - 1.5KG BAGS OF KITTEN FOOD whiskas sent me a email with a coupon for a free bag I then sent it on to my family and friends. 6 of them don't use whiskas so they gave me the coupons. As a bonus inside each bag was another coupon for a free 1.5 kg bag of whiskas cat food!!!!!
14 bags of cat food free WOW!!!!!!

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A friend is moving out of state and gave us a bunch of food. I will try to remember everything

1 can black beans
1 can bean soup
5 cans of peas
1 whole frozen chicken
6 bean rice and beef burritos
2 10 packs of frozen waffles
3 boxes of organic rice/lentil dishes
1 bag of brown rice
2 32 oz jars of spagetti sauce
1 can of pears
2 cans of veggie soup
a box of random oatmeal packs probably 20 or so in there
a box of mac n cheese

I think that might be all. I was excited!


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Size 9 double pointed knitting needles from my mom.
Degree for men deodorant (sample size)

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adding to my list...
~a vegan frozen pizza
~baby formula coupons
~vegan food coupons
~22 canisters of Carb Options Tea mix!

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Sporting News Magazine
Homeschooling Magazine
Scrubbing Bubbles Shower cleaner

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4 scrapbook packets
2 scrapbook magazines
1 scrapbook letter pack
6 cyclamens
1 sobee


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Palm Springs Life magazine
Horticulture magazine
moisturizer sample
mascara sample

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downy fabric softener
kraft magazine
tampax tampons
free kids calenders
coupns on cereal boxes for theatres(given to us)

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~KFC snacker
~(3) 3 in 1 Electrasol Tabs
~(1) Venus Divine Razor
~(1) Clorox Disinfecting Wipe
~address labels
~(2) packs of Dentyne Fire gum
~(1) pack of Dentyne Ice gum
~(2) packs of Trident Splash gum
~(1) pack of Eclipse gum
~(2) Martha White Muffin mixes
~free drink at Zaxby's
~Kit-Kat tee shirt
~Reese's Peanut Butter Cup tee shirt
~Colgate Max Fresh toothpaste samples
~(1) Satin Care Shave Gel
~(1) 1.5 gallon Clorox Bleach
~(2) M Amazing Candy Bars
~(1) Dove Ultimate Clear Deodorant
~(6) Oil of Olay Moisturinse In Shower Body Lotion (1.7 oz. size)
~nickel I found in the parking lot at the Doctor's office
~$9.64 rebate from Ebates

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Brilliant Brunette Shampoo
Spanish Rice
The Works cleaner
8 Rolls Cottonelle
4 boxes Hamburger Helper
3 Bottles Herbal Essence Shampoo
1 Bottle Herbal Essence Conditioner
Scrubbing Bubbles wipes
Glade candle
disposable razors
Glade glass scents
1 bottle Dove shampoo

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Here's what I received in March.....

-KFC buffalo snacker coupon
-Science diet cat food sample & food scoop
-$12.00 in Enfamil checks
-$10.00 in Similac checks
-Ragu Kids Favorites cookbook
-12 Maybelline foundation samples
-3 pack of baby lap pads
-5 full size bottles of Simple Green Multi Purpose Cleaner
-2 samples each of True Lemon & True Lime
-8 nice sized samples of Mario Badescu skincare products
-full size Maybelline True Blend powder
-family size bottle of Suave shampoo
-subscription to Parents magazine
-box of Earths Best baby crackers
-Trojan condom sample
-2 boxes of Hamburger Helper
-Degree deordrant sample
-3.5 lb bag of Purina cat food
-fridge photo magnet from Nursery Water
-Kraft Food magazine(with Tazo tea sample)
-address labels
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