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Large hen with chickens plant for my garden from the neighbor.

A card board box of bars of soap, regular size, loose in box. After I got home with it, and counted, I had 44 bars of soap. Which is just over 2 cents a bar. One of my garage sale bargains this weekend for $ 1. She had $ 2 marked on the box, and it wasn't open. Good thing I checked it out. Not free but real close to it.

A wild turkey and a wild piggie for the freezer.

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One pair of white leather sandals with a small wedge heel - brand new from my neighbor!!

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About six meals from my job - they have these huge staff lunches and then have all these leftovers. I make the most of it and eat it for dinner the same night, then lunch the next day, then dinner the next night (I'm one of those people who can eat the same thing over and over again - within reason). :)

Can't think of anything else - haven't been freecyling a lot lately.

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2 truckloads of manure for my garden and fruit trees plus gravel for the driveway-i live in the woods-good friends here if i ask they give and ill do the same for them-treat people good and good returns to you

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1 can of Iams cat food
3 Cascade dish-washing gel-packs
1 Pantene shampoo
1 Pantene conditioner
2 packs cough drops
1 fishing bobber
3 fishing lures
1 pair of shorts from Kohls (used a $10off/$10 card - also free)
1 Dove for Men body wash
3 packages sundried tomato and basil wheat thins
3 packages vanilla carmel latte
1 kraft mac & cheese
2 Dominos pizzas
20 pounds of kitty litter
1 pack hot dog rolls
2 sports bottles
5 Tupperware sandwich keepers
1 Tupperware FridgeSmart fruit/veggie crisper
1 Tupperware Vent & Serve divided dish
1 Tupperware Vent & Serve entree size
1 Tupperware Forget me not
2 Tupperware bowls
2 t-shirts
5 bottles BBQ sauce
1 steak
1 box popsicles
1 4x6 price book
1 cup mac & cheese
day-lily plants
40 frozen mini-quiche

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Last thing for the month of May:
20. a free box of Kashi Heart to Heart cereal (coupon)

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Originally Posted by TheRootedNomad
So far this month:
~ a dozen and a half bakery danishes
~ a cinnamon/cream cake
~ 6 boxes of gushers
~ DH's Rx
~ $30.00 worth of groceries transferring perscriptions but paying the same price for them
~ a loaf of Texas toast bread
~ Jewel Quest 2 downloaded on my computer
~ 2 liter of RC
~ gas station coffee
~ bra
~ a loaf of whole grain bread
~ a cheese kuchen
~ a tee-shirt
to finish off May
~ another $40.00 worth of groceries with the rx thing
~ 2 bottles of body wash
~ 2 microfiber rags

all in all a HUGE freebie month for me.
Hope I do as well in June!
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