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I got a cool grocery tote from Fairview.
A free sample from Dunkin Donuts(coffee)
A baking soda book - that I will be using for part of a gift.

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I can't edit my first post, so I'm starting over...

2 Godiva Truffles
4 Soy Joy Bars
2 4 oz tubes of Crest Pro-Health
Folgers Black Silk sample
Sample bag from Sephora
2 bottles of Ozarka water
Bottle of OJ
Fruit Roll Up
Zum soap bundle
2 Zum soap pods and 3 lotion pods
Piece of Kahlua cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory
Bottle of Neutrogena T-Gel

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My Thanksgiving turkey!

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This week it was 7 or 8 cases of pineapples, a bag of cucumbers, a case of pears, 4 canteloupe, 6 cabbages, some tomatoes, lemons, mangoes, and grapes. Last week it was a few watermelon halves, a half case of limes, about 6 cases of pears, and a box of coconuts. I give most of it away, we eat as much as feasible, and the rest becomes compost. Some is bruised or got too cold, mind you it isn't all perfect and lovely, although some of it is. I get the leftovers from a weekend produce stand about a mile from my house. We hardly buy any produce ever, we also garden a great deal. Still getting lettuce and arugula out of the garden, that is sort of free, it was all grown from saved seeds.

I also got 4 pumpkins out of a dumpster while out campaigning, and got 2 straw bales and about 10 little pumpkins and gourds on freecycle. Made a lovely harvest/Thanksgiving display in my front yard with that. Haven't been to Walgreens yet this month to get free things there.

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1 FPC- Dove Go Fresh Body Wash
1 FPC- LaCoupe Hair Product
1 FPC- 591ml Coke Product
1 FPC Kashi Cereal
1 FPC Campbells Heat n Serve Soup

So far its not over yet could be some more surprises in the mail

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I dont know if Non Food items count in this thread but I am going to post them anyway!!!
I got a double stainless steel kitchen sink
Beautiful mirrored shower door setup
decorative wall mirrors for my hallway
a bread machine
a jaccuzi that works
a jaccuzi for a yard pond
and freecycled one of the kids old car seats and some of their clothes!

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I got these items for free:

1 - 12pk of Mt. Dew
2 cans Campbell's Chunky Soup


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250 lbs of flour
50 lbs sugar
50 lbs powdered sugar
50 lbs cornstarch
25 lbs salt
$25.00 gift card to Walgreens for transferring prescription
18 eggs
25 lbs potatoes
1 area rug
1 futon bed complete with mattress and cover:pilgrim:

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I am adding more, as I have been blessed again!!
10 pounds of turkey bologna
2 cases of pears
1 case of gala apples
2 cans of mandarine orages
1 can of sliced olives
1 can pumpkin pie mix
1 can cream of potato soup
6 flats of blue berries
1 case of jalapaleno peppers
1 25 pound turkey
2 10 pound bags of potatoes
2 pounds of goat bacon
2 dozen eggs

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Helped at a church luncheon and ended up coming home with...

~ half a huge bag of buns that had been in the freezer too long (I'm turning them into bread crumbs),
~ half a torte,
~ 2 large tin foil casserole tins to use for dyeing fabric.

My kind of deal!


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Well I got a huge upright freezer free in October so I've been stocking it with as many freebies as I can this month. Which I'm glad because I'm completely out of room in the chest freezer.

My freebies this month.
2 - 10lb turkeys for buying 2 spiral sliced hams
I also got 12 lbs free on a 16lb turkey for buying a smoked ham
6 lbs of deer meat
15 lbs of wild hog meat
25 links of homemade deer sausage
2 - links regular smoked sausage
4 - chubs of breakfast sausage
6 - pkgs of bacon
5 lbs fresh caught gulf shrimp
3 - whole catfish
2 - air wick scented oil warmers
1 - air wick scented oil refill
3 - 4pks charmin tissue paper
2 - Friskies party mix cat treats
1 - 10lb bag of wheat flour
2 - deep dish frozen pie shells
1 - can of Pam
2 - jars of Tostitoes salsa
1 - loaf of bread
2 - cans of tuna
4 - cans of cream of chicken soup
1 - head of lettuce
1 - bunch of bananas
2 - boxes pasta

...That's all I can remember off the top of my head and following my little booklet that I use to keep track of some things.

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added this week
1 14 lb turkey( Fiance got this from his employer)
$20 gift card to local grocer from my employer
1 50lb bag of rock salt(like gold around here at the moment)


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Lots of goodies to post:
Ziploc vacuum sealer
Box of cereal
2-2L bottles of soda
2 air fresheners
bag of cat food
2 pouches of potatoes
2 cans of kidney beans
1 Powerade
4 bottles of Propel water
4 cans of evaporated milk
2 pkgs cat treats
1 baby juice (donation for womens' shelter)
1 box of baby cereal (donation for womens' shelter)
1 bag croutons
1 pkg cream cheese
1 can whipped topping
2 pkgs gauze pads
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