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What has your pet destroyed/ruined?

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We love them, God knows we love them, but seriously if my dogs chew up one more thing I'm gonna kill 'em. Kidding! Here's a picture of the latest thing my dog has destroyed, THE REMOTE!!

I told my teen, don't EVER EVER leave it on the sofa!!! She didn't. I did. NOOOOOO!! hahahaha!!

(I have more destruction pictures somewhere of other items, if I find them I'll post them, thought this would be a fun thread)
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Worst my pets have ever done...Riley chewed a few jigsaw puzzle pieces. They hit the floor & we don't notice, he has to taste them. I got off lucky compared to you.
My dog, also a Riley, in his day, "killed" my t.v. remote, my pager, my handheld radio (CB type for work), a cell phone, three mature grapevines (chewed through the trunks), and turned my below-ground sprinkler system pipe into an above-ground fountain. He also liked to sneak into the bathroom at night, grab the toilet paper, and spin it off its roll. I would wake up to a livingroom that had been TP'd if I forgot to close the bathroom door.

Crash chews up his bedding and his toys, and once, when I neglected him due to long hours, ate through part of the house wall (interior).

well, I've never thought to take photos ~ but what haven't they ruined??

office chair, grass, carpet, blankets, legos, any toy left unattended, remotes, shoes.

worst ever was years ago; we were fostering a pregnant boxer - she buried a squeaky toy UNDER the carpet padding. Yep, she dug a hole in the carpet to hide her toy. UGG.

oh, wait - we also fostered a pointer that jumped out of the open kitchen window when I left her inside alone - tore the screen out - and took off. (yes, we found her)

ummm - wait - then there was a pony that spent a weekend in the backyard only to knock over my grill and break it.

and there was a foster cat that scratched up the carpet to the padding. (that was more current)

my dogs dig holes in the yard - I assume because they really want to catch the moles that dig tunnels to the garden & compost pile - but I end up with the ugliest yard ever.

I think the only pet that's never harmed a thing is my beta fish :fish: He's 'da best!
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the cats: an ironging board cover

HUnter (Border Collie): a window sill, the window molding, and the drywall, a recliner, carpeting, a dining chair and a few shoes.
Our kittens keep stealing my make up brush. They have done their share of chewing on wires. They are my first to chew on wires. A low power one bit back and they haven't chewed since.

My "old lady" cat taught DH to sleep in jammies.

My passed tux kitty would get mad and take her anger out on the TP. I mean she would shred it down to little confetti pieces. I miss her. She was funny. She was good at character also. She hated an ex boyfriend and would attack him. She was right.

The former boys dog chewed up anything from garden hoses (down to 6" segments) to non metal bowls, shredded every bit of bedding

A lab I had growing up ate through the door frame and wall
Shep and TP

Ok this one was taken with a webcam while I was gone to work. I happened to log in at work, saw it, grabbed the picture! Its also on my Flickr account if you've "seen it somewhere before"

Shep was a puppy and got into the linen closet, that's TP EVERYWHERE. He obviously had a great time and was all tuckered out. Ohhh how I wish I could have watched it! Thanks, mutt.

I kinda miss having the webcams, but I don't miss the lack of privacy.
Oh dear! Some of the stories make me want to hug my animals more!!

We have a cat that is destroying a cat post. That's what it is for, but I'll have to look at redoing the twine around the post. She also will scratch at the door jam if the door is closed and she wants to come in your room.

So far the dogs have only chewed up one toy of theirs. It was supposed to be hard to destroy. Um, yeah right!:rolleyes:

I guess I got off lucky :vibes:
My cats have a cat post but the use our door frames! =(
We have a black lab mix who never chews anything. She is the most wonderful dog in the world! Then, in a big lapse of my common sense, three weeks ago we got a 6 month old Rottweiler puppy. She is beautiful and loving and sweet, BUT last night she chewed a hole in my semi-new comforter! I am not happy!
My dog has gotten a hold of some of my shoes...luckily they were heels my doc said I can't wear anymore. He is chewed on one of DDs dress up play crowns...she refuses to get rid of it. He takes paper from the recycle bin.

The thing is...I wouldn't trade him for the world!
Our dog isn't a chewer, but the neighbor's dog got in last week and ate a library book. He also ate our Halloween decorations off our front porch, including the pumpkins.
One of our dogs chewed right through my rechargeable battery wire that went to my laptop. It was actually plugged in at the time. I am thankful he didn't get shocked! Our newest addition, another miniature dachshund, chewed up shoes, headphones, paper --- just about anything she could get a hold of. I am glad to say she has finally grown out of that phase. Now she just chews on her toys -- she has lots of them to choose from which keeps her away from our things. Regardless of what they tear up, I still love them!
Our dog isn't a chewer, but the neighbor's dog got in last week and ate a library book. He also ate our Halloween decorations off our front porch, including the pumpkins.
He must know that pumpkin is good for his digestive system!! :)
The dogs I have now are not chewers...but they were when they were puppies. They'd get a string up on the berber carpeting and unravel a section. They also chewed up the chair pad for the porch looked like snow there was so much white fluff everywhere! Now, if they find something they like, they just carry it around and drool on it a little. I haven't had anything chewed up in awhile.

A dog I had years ago would steal panties and bras out of the dirty clothes hamper and chew them up. I had to put a stop to that real fast!
Hmm over the past 15 years and countless dogs and foster dogs...

1 sofa
1 rocking chair
1 door frame
toilet paper (ahhh the indoor snowstorm)
1 cell phone

I think that's it.
When Bucky the rottweiler/blue heeler mix was a pup he was obsessed with "freeing the fluffies" out of his toys or the multiple attempts at getting him a doggie pillow....we also went thru at least 6 entry way rugs. worked his way thru a couple comforters, ripped up the sheet covering the back seat of the car.

then we got Della, the American Bulldozer, i mean Bulldog...she's a digging machine. has a desire to release the roots from their dirt confines. loves to chew on anything wooden, i'd put her up against a herd of beavers any day! fortunately i guess this is all outside stuff. it's not really a YARD much these days, more of an archeological dig site. i've run out of things to cover the craters with.

once upon a time i used to take the dogs with me when i went grocery shopping. til the day i came back out to the car, all the windows were steamed up and when i opened the hatchback this big white head popped up with a combination of drool and green foam hanging off her jowls. she ATE the backseat of my CAR. now i go shopping solo.........
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Frannie, our sweet, fat, Jack Russell has eaten...
*3 vacuum cleaners
*a lamp or two
*more blue jeans and shorts than I care to count
*enough undies to cloth a small third world country

Hunter, our goofy Weimaraner has eaten...
*2 twin size mattresses
*1 queen size mattress
*1wingback chair
*1 oversized living room chair
*1 stationary bicycle
*2 vacuum hoses for the pool vacuum
*1 bean bag chair
*Pillows, pillows and many that I quit counting

Along the way their have been a few other casualties like remotes, shoes, etc...

Thankfully, neither of the dogs have done any major damage in over two years. So far, the new dog has not eaten anything up and neither have our cats. Well, Jack the Siamese mix has had his share of new bags of Doritos and Cheetos. He likes to chew them open and then devour the contents. But, Mocha, our 17 year old cat could care less about anything other than eating and sleeping.
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Oh my, these stories! Big hug to all of you! I am so so lucky!
garbage bags
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