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I have seen lots of nice things recently made with vellum.

What is it? It looks semi-transparent and sometimes printed?

Is it expensive?

Is it easy to work with?

What would you do with it?

I've never come across this before and it looks like fun.

Please wise me up! ;)

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Vellum comes in opaque colors, in almost-clear with printed borders, in opaques with "natural paper" fibers showing... and I'm sure in many other varieties. :)

I've seen envelopes made of vellum, which lets the pretty card or stationary inside show through. You have to leave a non-printed area somewhere on the card, though, so your address is legible-- that or use white stickers to write out the address.

You can also use vellum to accent pages.... for example, a sheet of vellum with a border layered over a printed sheet of regular paper looks pretty neat.

Cost-wise, vellum sheets can be found in the racks with single-sheet scrapbook papers. Around here they're usually the same price as a regular sheet of paper, or sometimes a few cents more for the fancy printed sheets.

Vellum is definitely a fun thing to play around with!
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