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What to do 6 months before retirement

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Six months before your retirement date is a great time to start getting your finances in order. Take a close look at your retirement savings and make any necessary adjustments to your investment portfolio. Meet with a financial advisor to discuss your retirement income and expenses, and make a plan for how you will withdraw and manage your funds. It's also important to consider any outstanding debts and work towards paying them off before retirement. Additionally, use this time to create a budget for your retirement lifestyle and make any necessary adjustments to your living expenses. Finally, start thinking about how you want to spend your retirement years and explore new hobbies, travel plans, or volunteer opportunities. By taking these steps, you'll be well on your way to a fulfilling and financially secure retirement.
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It's never too early to get your finances in order and pay off outstanding debt. Six YEARS before retirement is a better time to meet with a financial advisor and discuss income and expenses and make changes or adjustments.
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