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What would you like for dinner?

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I don't know what to eat. I'm going home for the holiday.
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There's always Pinterest for ideas.

I keep a list of meal ideas based on what I keep on hand and know how to cook. Served with a side vegetable or salad.

chicken with stuffing and gravy
creamy wild rice soup
BLT sandwiches
cubed steak
nicoise salad
tuna salad sandwiches
chicken curry over rice
beef barley soup
smoked bbq chicken, baked beans
ravioli and salad
white bean soup with ham
empanadas with tortilla soup
chicken piccata with risotto
salmon rice bowl
mac&cheese with ham
lentil and carrot soup
Thai beef noodles
burrito bowls
red beans and rice
fish sandwiches
sub sandwiches
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Well, tonight we’ve got cranberry orange waffles. Tomorrow and Sunday are stuffed pork chops and honey grilled chicken.
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I am in the mood for something spicy for dinner tonight. Maybe some Thai or Indian cuisine would hit the spot.
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